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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,855

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the only polls that matter are the swing states, the critical counties in those swing states

the election is already over in 35 states.

Medicare for All is a fatal loser in the general election

look at the polling.

If we run on improving the ACA we win.

If we run on crashing the system with Medicare for All we lose.

Can we please use our brains. Please.

"Voting your conscience" is self-indulgent foolishness for those who ignore the facts

the voters we need are not on the far left of the continuum of the electorate. we have those voters no matter who we nominate.

we need those just right of center who voted for non-radical, conservative Democrat Obama.

We need to win back Obama voters who voted for trump

Those people like Joe Biden. Those people like Mike Bloomberg.

This is a swing state election. This is a swing county election. The voters we need to get are not in southern California or New York.

This is not an election about painting your wish list across the sky. We need to be smarter and more strategic than that.


College educated white women


Have we forgotten how Boris Johnson got elected

Bernie files for 2024 re-election to the SENATE as an INDEPENDENT


Can you not even pretend to be a Democrat.


if Bernie is the nominee no amount of GOTV or money will save us, WH, House, Senate

How did Bernie vote on Russian sanctions ---


What happens if Bernie has another heart episode after the primary?

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