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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
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Senator Burr: Black elite athletes should pay taxes, lazy white Rich Kids of Instagram should not

Racist Senator Burr says BLACK college athletes who have WORKED & EARNED their college athletics money (merit-based wealth, self-funded their own years of training, equipment, time, sweat, "productive" ) should pay taxes,

but WHITE Rich Kids of Instagram, useless lazy ungrateful brats, skipped college or cheated their way in, should NOT have to pay estate taxes on the windfall dumped in their laps and spent on clubbing and bling (not merit-based wealth).

(Remember - he's against affirmative action because it is - according to him - not "merit based".)


Malcolm Nance said US soldiers are guarding Syrian oil fields for Russia

they are too small to be financially feasible for any US producer

from Steph Miller show this morning

You know who else was born in the Soviet Union? RWNJ Boris Epshteyn.

Boris Epshteyn

Boris Alexandrovich Epshteyn (Russian: Бори́с Алекса́ндрович Эпштейн; born August 14, 1982) is a Russian-born American Republican political strategist, investment banker, and attorney. He is currently the Chief Political Analyst at Sinclair Broadcast Group. He was a senior advisor to Donald Trump's 2016 campaign for President of the United States, and previously worked on the McCain-Palin campaign. Following Trump's election, he was named director of communications for the Presidential Inaugural Committee,[1] and then assistant communications director for surrogate operations in the administration, until he resigned in March 2017.

Epshteyn was born in 1982 in Moscow, Soviet Union, the son of Anna Shulkina and Aleksandr Epshteyn. His family is Russian Jewish.[2] In 1993, he immigrated as a refugee with his family to Plainsboro Township, New Jersey under the Lautenberg amendment of 1990.[3]

In September 2016, the media watchdog organization Media Matters for America criticized CNN, Fox News, and PBS for failing to disclose Epshteyn's "financial ties to the former Soviet Union, which include consulting through Strategy International LLC for 'entities doing business in Eastern Europe' and moderating a Russian-sponsored conference on 'investment opportunities in Moscow.'"[11]


now at Sinclair

hey right-wing turds: Melania (allegedly) speaks 5 languages. Is she also a traitor??

Who remembers GW Bush's "Bring It On" speech?

Did Bush's "Bring it On" Bravado Bring On the Haditha Massacre: Iraq's My Lai? via @commondreams


In a rather subdued effort to rally support for their war of choice as questions arise about their continued tenures in office, a somewhat contrite and stammering President George W. Bush and his war weary, but ever slick talking side-kick, Prime Minister Tony Blair held a joint White House press conference Thursday evening. Due to the increasingly virulent insurgency that has turned their Iraq War game into a costly debacle, their once cocky cheer-leadership is now critically challenged by a credibility crunch with the voters of the U.S. and the U.K.

When asked if they had made any mistakes in the Iraq War, Bush twisted his head, stretched his neck and looked up and away from the eyes of the press corps who have heard so many previous denials of responsibility for his costly miscalculations. Then our self-described, God directed, great decider actually admitted that he had acted like a "cowboy" when he laid down the gauntlet to Iraq insurgents in 2003 to "bring it on". He added it was also a mistake for him to have repeatedly railed that he wanted to get Osama bin Laden "dead or alive". Commenting on the prisoner torture scandal at Abu Ghraib, Bush said it was, "the biggest mistake that's happened so far, at least from our country's involvement in Iraq." Bush said "I learned some lessons about expressing myself maybe in a little more sophisticated manner", and it was "kind of tough talk, you know, that sent the wrong signal to people."

I'll be mailing sections or pages of NYT/WaPo to random people at Federal Agencies

because trolling is my thing

Tulsi says she can't win her House seat but she wants to be President?

There is some sort of logic breakdown happening.

InvestigateIvanka.com has a new tab: Jared


So is the GOP mob planning on pulling this stunt every time a witness gives testimony?

or do they have some other stunts in mind. maybe streaking?

maybe they can put a whoopee cushion on Schiff's chair.

Resources to file a Bar complaint against Matt Gaetz:


As an official arm of the Florida Supreme Court, The Florida Bar and its Department of Lawyer Regulation are charged with administering a statewide disciplinary system to enforce Supreme Court rules of professional conduct for its more than 105,000 members. The Florida Bar accepts complaints against attorneys, investigates those complaints and prosecutes attorneys who engage in unethical conduct.


For individuals who are unsure if a lawyer has acted ethically or who are dissatisfied and wish to consider whether filing a complaint may be appropriate, The Florida Bar operates the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP). ACAP staff, including attorneys, handle complaints and may be able to resolve problems before a complaint is filed. The ACAP telephone number is toll-free: 1-866-352-0707.

For public record information regarding any Florida Bar attorney, members of the public are asked to contact The Florida Bar via email at LRInfo@floridabar.org.

Obstruction of Justice
Witness Tampering
Violation of National Security/Violation of SCIF Security
REPEATED offenses - has not learned from his prior disciplinary cases
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