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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 06:36 PM
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I demand an investigation.


Here's what could win us a lot of rural votes:

The WH announces an initiative to work with vehicle manufacturers to make sure electric pickups have the towing capacity needed for work on the farm. As it is now, batteries are quickly drained with not even much hauling.

It's a real concern among farmers and ranchers who depend upon their pickups. If an electric truck can't meet their needs, and they have to keep relying on gas powered vehicles (which will become more and more expensive to operate with fewer and fewer people using gas) then food production costs will soar, and so will food costs in the grocery stores.

Farmers and ranchers would feel that someone has their backs if such a program were announced and promoted.

I live in rural America; I'm a farm owner; I know what I'm talking about here....

Who the he!! is Abby Grossberg? (Too many characters to keep straight.)

I saw a headline yesterday that the head of the Wagner group was

recommending Putin end the war in Ukraine.

Guess he better stay away from upper floor windows....

Well, I finally broke down and purchased the replacement battery for my Dyson stick vac.

A whopping $102!!!

I had refused for the longest time to pay that much for a freaking battery for a stick vac that was already astronomically high priced....But I read today that the battery is supposed to last for 4 years. That settled me down enough about it to finally go ahead and order....I really do love using it and missed its super convenience. *Sigh.* Seems like everyone wants a pound of flesh....

Tennessee protests are Viet Nam all over again. We were fighting for our lives, too!!

Go Tennessee youth!!

You'll always be glad that you stood up and protested!!

Wear down those MOFOs!!!!

Musk changed Twitter logo to a dog.

Does that mean tweets will now be barks?

The spread of the final scores was the same

in both the men’s and women’s championship games - 17 points….

The best segment of all the talk, talk, talk tonight was Stephanie Ruhl's interview

with Lanny Davis, who is Michael Cohen’s attorney. He gave a very up-close look at what’s been happening in the development of this case.

I wonder if any of the charges will pertain to

the threats Stormy Daniels experienced by the thug who approached her in the parking lot, like that being more proof of TFG trying to keep her quiet before the election. It WAS politically motivated.

IDK, I’m just curious that Stormy Daniels is so happy about his indictment….
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