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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 3,880

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Even though my Big 10 team is a rival of both of them, I was glad to see

BLUE Michigan prevail over RED Ohio!!!

See, there's politics everywhere....

The reason Musk wants TFG back on Twitter is because

he knows TFG will bring a ton of followers with him.

Trying every way possible to save his Titanic....

What about the other prosecutor who was recently brought in,

and everyone said it was because he was so good at espionage prosecutions? What has happened to him?

Will someone please explain how we lost so many house seats in NY?

Seems so improbable….

HaHaHa. Is President Biden going to pre-empt the "big announcement?"

MSNBC waiting to bring his remarks at any moment about the Poland blast....

According to CNN, McCarthy has won the GOP nomination for Speaker.

McCarthy wins GOP nomination for speaker, with 31 Republicans voting against him


House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has won his party’s nomination for speaker, beating conservative challenger Rep. Andy Biggs in a 188 - 31 vote, according to multiple sources in the room.

It was a secret ballot, and McCarthy only needed a simple majority.

While Biggs’ challenge was always seen as a long shot, the number of Republicans voting for him shows how much work McCarthy has to do to win over holdouts between now and January, when he will need to win a majority of the entire House.


The CNN headline and my post headline says he won the NOMINATION, not the Speaker!!!!

My take-away from this election cycle: Deniers Denied.

That is all.

House bill that should get immediate vote:

A group of Dem Representatives introduced a bill to increase the size of the Supreme Court.

Get that passed and with us holding only the Senate next term, fill the additional four seats with the Dem Senate, simple majority....


DOJ should steal TFG's thunder on Tuesday and indict him on Monday.

Dems take AZ Secretary of State race.

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