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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 05:36 PM
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How can it be that the Rs are now widely using talking points from Russian Intel?

Is it that the Russians have so taken over the NRA that the Republicans know that large source of money for them will dry up if they don't spew the GRU line?

It boggles the mind!

Bolton's quid pro quo...

I’ll tell you what i know in my book, which you’ll have to buy.

John Bolton could sell a lot more books

if he did his duty to testify in Congressional oversight.

Was his tease that he had more knowledge than any that had come out so far just a marketing ploy?

John Bolton is no patriot.

You need this laugh....Fartgate....

As usual, the twitter comments are hilarious!

Did Someone Just Fart On Live TV? You Be The Judge Of MSNBC’s ‘Fartgate’
There was a distinct fart-like sound as Rep. Eric Swalwell spoke with Chris Matthews.


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