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Member since: Thu Jul 11, 2019, 10:13 AM
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Release of Eric Munchel blocked!

I think this might be the fourth or fifth insurrectionist who was blocked from release by a D.C. judge


JUST IN: Chief judge of DC dist court blocks release of Eric Munchel, photographed in Senate gallery during Capitol riot carrying zip-tie cuffs and taser. On Friday, a magistrate judge in Nashville OK'd Munchel being sent home on GPS monitoring.

Protests in Russia: something to keep an eye on

My solidarity is with those Russian people who want free and fair elections, and finally a new leader after Putin's twenty years in power.



NYT: Trump wanted to oust Acting AG and force Georgia to overturn results

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department’s top leaders listened in stunned silence this month: One of their peers, they were told, had devised a plan with President Donald J. Trump to oust Jeffrey A. Rosen as acting attorney general and wield the department’s power to force Georgia state lawmakers to overturn its presidential election results.

EDIT: Adding a bit more from the story

The department officials, convened on a conference call, then asked each other: What will you do if Mr. Rosen is dismissed?

The answer was unanimous. They would resign.

Their informal pact ultimately helped persuade Mr. Trump to keep Mr. Rosen in place, calculating that a furor over mass resignations at the top of the Justice Department would eclipse any attention on his baseless accusations of voter fraud. Mr. Trump’s decision came only after Mr. Rosen and Mr. Clark made their competing cases to him in a bizarre White House meeting that two officials compared with an episode of Mr. Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice,” albeit one that could prompt a constitutional crisis.


EDIT: The reporter on this story is coming up after the commercial break on Chris Hayes on MSNBC

Jackass judge releases insurrectionist Eric Munchel before trial

Some of these judges are terrible. I believe the government will appeal to the D.C. district, which has already blocked the release of other defendants.


BREAKING: ‘Zip Tie Guy’ Who Invaded the Capitol with His Mom Ordered Released Before Trial

One insurrectionist, Jeff Sabol, apparently attempted to flee to Switzerland

The details of some of these cases are interesting:

[Assistant US Attorney] Gianforti claims that Sabol was trying to flee the country with a ticket to Zurich, Switzerland, which he notes is a non-extradition country.



There's "overwhelming evidence" in this case, and Sabol attempted suicide, in a different kind of flight risk.

"I think that his suicide attempt can be taken as consciousness of guilt," the prosecutor adds.

Prosecutors claim Sabol helped the mob drag an officer down the stairs, though he hasn't been charged with that.

CNN: Whisper Campaign to impeach Trump Circulating Among GOP

Jamie Gangel on CNN now reports that there is a whisper campaign among influential Republicans underway to convince Republicans to convict Trump in the impeachment.

Not a whole lot of details yet...

She says she saw a nine point memo. Showing it on TV now.

EDIT: Here is the story


Washington (CNN) - As the House prepares to send articles of impeachment to the Senate on Monday, CNN has learned that dozens of influential Republicans around Washington -- including former top Trump administration officials -- have been quietly lobbying GOP members of Congress to impeach and convict Donald Trump. The effort is not coordinated but reflects a wider battle inside the GOP between those loyal to Trump and those who want to sever ties and ensure he can never run for President again.

Pittsburgh government official smacks down Ted Cruz. LOL

A great 30 second video clip from a government official from my home area of Pittsburgh

The clip went viral and now people are saying the official looks similar to the actor Jeff Daniels.


WashPo: Michael Flynn's brother was on the call and resisting emergency pleas for the National Guard



NEWWWWS -- Michael Flynn's brother was on the call and resisting emergency pleas for the National Guard when the Capitol was under attack Jan. 6. The Army falsely denied it for weeks.

Avril Haines confirmed by the Senate

Off to a good start


Breaking: The Senate has just voted to confirm Avril Haines, Joe Biden's pick for Director of National Intelligence. Haines is the first Biden nominee to be confirmed by the Senate.

As mentioned by a poster, the vote was 84 yes, 10 no

Joe Biggs, a leader of the Proud Boys, has been charged in connection with the Capitol riot

We're rounding them up!


NEW: Joe Biggs, a leader of the Proud Boys, has been charged in connection with the Capitol riot.
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