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Member since: Thu Jul 11, 2019, 10:13 AM
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Jacob Chansley (QAnon shaman) will remain in custody

This is what Zoe Tillman says:

NOW: A judge has ordered Jacob Chansley, known as the "QAnon shaman," held in custody while his case goes forward, agreeing with the gov't that he is a flight risk and a danger.

"He will take the law into his own hands and will not respect the United States' law."


(scroll down if you don't see the exact tweet)

2020 ties 2016 as the warmest year on record

So sad.

Despite conditions that favored cooling, we've never recorded higher temps.

Today, NASA and NOAA are announcing that 2020 was one for the record books, tying with 2016 for the warmest year since we've been tracking temperatures. NASA rates 2020 as the warmest ever, although by a margin that's not large enough to reach statistical significance; NOAA reverses the order, also without a significant difference between the two years. Whatever its precise rank, 2020 was the continuation of a worrying trend—the past seven years are all on the list of the seven warmest years on record, regardless of which source you turn to for your global temperatures.


Fifth House Republican to impeach! (Jaime Beutler)


NEWS: GOP Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler is a YES on impeaching Trump, becoming the fifth House Republican to back impeachment.

Fourth Republican Representative to impeach! (Fred Upton)


Breaking Detroit News: Republican Rep. Fred Upton will vote to impeach Trump. Now up to four House Republicans.

A disgruntled staffer apparently changed the State Dept. website


UPDATE: Sources tell
a "disgruntled staffer" is behind the State Department site's change of Trump and Pence's biographies. More TK.

EDIT: Here is the story


EDIT: The State Dept. site is now down.


Correction: Ginni Thomas apparently did not fund buses to the event

Ginni Thomas is a terrible person but apparently did not fund buses to the event on January 6th.


I have seen a rumor floating around that Ginni Thomas funded 80 buses to transport insurrectionists to D.C. on Wednesday. This rumor does not come from my reporting, and it is not true. I do think I’ve figured out where it originated, though. 1/x

See remaining tweets in that thread.

David Waldman says the Democratic Senate can send impeachment to committee

David Waldman, of Daily Kos, who is knowledgeable of Senate rules and who worked before with Senate Democrats on filibuster reform, says if the impeachment trial starts when Democrats are in control, they can send the impeachment matter to a committee while the main Senate works on more urgent matters like COVID.

If the trial is held after 1/20, you can send it to committee instead of using Senate floor time.

The Senate conducts non-presidential impeachments (as they do for federal judges) in committee. That leaves the floor open for Biden nominations.

IMHO, the Speaker should pause sending notice of impeachment to the Senate until after the Democrats take over.

EDIT: Marcy Wheeler also says a committee can be used:


CNN: Pence has not ruled out 25th amendment

On CNN now....


Pence not ruling out 25th Amendment; Wants to preserve it in case Trump becomes more unstable.

FYI, 217 votes needed to impeach

FYI, since two House seats are vacant, the total number of Representatives is 433


Half of that number is 216.5. So 217 votes are needed to impeach in the House, assuming all members are present and voting.

A 2nd Article of Impeachment?

Bring on more!


Sources tell me at this hour House Dems now considering two articles of impeachment against Trump — including the article of Incitement of Insurrection by Reps. Raskin, Lieu and Cicilline with 180 cosponsors.
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