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Member since: Tue Jul 16, 2019, 08:08 AM
Number of posts: 5,132

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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

Journal Archives

trump and the republicans are afraid

of Tik Tok, not America or the bright shining hope America has, its young voters who are AWARE AND AWAKE to the BS the republicans are shovelling

half cocked

and totally irresponsible for any POTUS much less this potus

Just a question

I failed to see Bernie Sanders or AOC at the funeral of John lLewis. Were they not invited?

herman cain and his

devotion to the republican party can be traced here and probably to other 'incidents' as well given he was a black republican following a wanna-be dictator. And yes, what that person yelled to him at that restaurant in Harlem was true. Except now he's a dead 'uncle tom' because his thin skin like his presidents' thin skin, got him killed. I won't shed a tear either.
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