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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

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I do remember

where I was when it came over the school PA system that President Kennedy was dead.

reality dawning

while sitting here in front of an empty screen this Sunday morning, 11/21/21. I started thinking of the "burn baby burn" racial injustice rebellions in America in the '60s. Some called them riots. Then I switched to the white "take back our country" rebellion on 1/6/21 in which over 200 were injured/wounded some seriously. Also, 5 died as thousands stormed our national capitol building at the behest of a racist, compromised ex-POTUS committing his "big lie" of nationwide election fraud. Sending innocents and politicians scurrying for their lives with the mainly white crowd chanting death threats. And I cannot forget the white supremacists/traitors had their dry run for this attack in Michigan on 4/30/2020, with their takeover of the statehouse.

In the last week an outright murderer of 2 people protesting injustice in Kenosha, Wisconson got off scot-free of those murders and the 5 gun charges associated with his crime. 17 years old with a semi-automatic rifle that just walked past the police AFTER committing his heinous crime. I bet he got some "attaboy" and other appreciative nods from authorities. But let me not stray into personal opinion.

America has been slipping into the racial divide since the 1964-65 Civil and Voting Rights Acts signed into law. This after the brutality of white racist hate was revealed on "Bloody Sunday", March 7, 1965, in Selma, Alabama. Thank the fates news cameras were there recording the violent racist attack on protestors of racial injustice of that day. Switch to protests 56 years later over the murder of George Floyd by a now-imprisoned felon who was wearing his badge during the commission of his racist murder. This set in motion a series of protests by civil rights organizations, the now infiltrated BLM prominent, that culminated in a 17-year-old white kid murdering two people and seriously wounding another.

A short history of racial injustice rebellions" of the '60s. Since 1945 whites had been leaving the cities for the suburbs. Businesses that had once provided paying jobs for black Americans were leaving as well. With the floor-sweeping and elevator jobs leaving black unemployment swelled. Unemployment was well above the national average and one-half lived well below the then poverty line. Tensions started to rise. Given these facts and a majority of black Americans having only access to poor public transportation to get to suburban jobs, tensions continued rising. Pit this situation against the violent racist times the fire was simmering.

Lynchings and murders of black Americans also continued at the hands of racist whites. Emmitt Till's murder in 1955 comes to mind. Allegedly he whistled at a white woman. He was just visiting relatives. His being from the north he didn't understand the murderous nature of southern whites. Yet he was picked up tortured and lynched. Recently the woman to whom he supposedly whistled at said the allegation was a lie. Add these types of racist hateful crimes to the long, long list of black Americans lynched and/or murdered by white citizens(Trayvon Martin-Tamir Rice murdered 2012-2014 respectively) and police alike(Sandra Bland-Breonna Taylor 2015-2020 respectively) and George Floyd the fires did start rising again and culminated in demonstrations across the country. And then along came Rittenhouse, armed with his semi-automatic rifle.

At this time my country is dangerously divided racially, culturally and politically precisely because trump/Putin/miller/bannon et al. came along to pour gasoline on those long-simmering fires.

We better find a way to prosecute the treasonous liars who we all know purposefully created this situation to cover up major crimes elsewhere in trump's administration along with major looting of all that could be looted by his grifter family.

and now this... for the innocents

jury of 'peers'

minus 1? Kenosha...rittenhouse

of course they did

as in this case in Kenosha and has always been...I think KKK and getting away with thousands of killings of POC, African-Americans specifically. And in a lot of cases with the sheriff in attendance...whooping it up as the private parts of the men, women and children were cut off before they were hanged and burned on a bonfire I am sure they danced around.

look at all those

faces and I mean look at all those protect and serve faces. And 'the mayor' he truly is a racist POS. No wonder trump tapped him as one of his mouthpieces

for the coming

pandemic(s)....stock up

bad times coming?


Simone Biles and courage

found this...

and to think

our MSM treated the prior POTUS and are still trying to treat the traitors, both Congressional and 1-6-21 stormtroopers, as had Wikipedia tried to glorify, gloss over and minimize nazis and their atrocities. Trump's role as a head nazi along with Kushner and Miller as he spread hate and thousands of lies that spewed from his hateful sewer of a mind was/are unassailable. 1-6-21 was because the MSM and his cowardly GOP did not call him out in any significant manner during his 4 years of hate-mongering. The media because trump provided hate theatrics that created advertising$$$ for them and money for the coffers of his GOP minions. He still does. That's why they still lick his boots, mud and all.

Now at this point in history, Americans are divided along racial and cultural lines in ways we may never recover from. This article has clarified this fact among the major ones in Ms Coffman's article in exposing the glossing over of atrocities of Hitler's 'Final Solution. Our MSM nurtured a nazi in his hate against ALL not like him, a white male racist trying to create his final solution, for 4 LONG YEARS.

And along with the hateful murders of unarmed untried and usually innocent African-Americans, 1-6-21 was an atrocity that injured and killed many on the side of a democratic America.


found this interesting

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