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Member since: Tue Jul 16, 2019, 08:08 AM
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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

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America in the life

of Bill Withers. Loved his songs back in the day. And loved this article on him. He was smart. In knowing himself. He mentions Emmett Till in his reflections on his past. I was 11 when that racist travesty happened. I was living in Georgia during my summers helping out on the grandparents' farm. I remember my grandparents talking about that murder.

And lo and behold thousands maybe millions of insurrectionists and the GQP led by the ex-potus, a treasonous grifter conman want to return to these type "good old days". George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and many, many more, all prime examples of their racist behaviors and thoughts today as they did think yesteryears. Republikkkan fascists revel in public executions such as this. Micheal Brown lay in the street uncovered for 8 hours as a warning to African Americans. Repthug fascists are trying to return Americka to the days where they want POC in their place, under their foot-knee on our necks.

Bill Withers's story just reminded me this morning of the shit white racist Americans lay on POC EVERY DAY.


after 4 years

of trump and treasonous GQPers attempting to overthrow democracy, now senators from our own Party want to keep the POTUS begging for their vote. In these times, ALL HANDS ON DECK!!! Keep firing until overrun and dead or the battleship sunk. Our POTUS begging them for their support. This the 'horse trading' until they get what their republikkkan constituients want, bipartisan my ass. They want Manchin to do Republikkkan bidding. And other republikkkan led Democrats holding up progress to do the same. Republikkkans SPIT IN OUR FACE 4 long years. We should be passing every bill needed to help the American people without this BS.

Just an opinion. Hopefully, there is a plan to outmaneuver the GQPers...


what is the problem with the avatars?

AMEND:5/8/21My mistake. I had inadvertently turned it off on my #account page...did not think to look until my Saturday clarity klicked in... thanks to all who tried to help...

racist are here to stay they say

and this guy's eyes make me think he's challenged mentally. And on the police force too?!?...

trump allowed

people like this who were forced to keep their racist notions, held since 1619, are now allowed openly to fucking vent, rant and to destroy the African-American, any POC, democracy, decency, civility, intelligence, non-stupid as a rock behavior...and POC attacking other POC for whatever reason are still not getting it...this racist, the GQP, McConnell, trump are the problem.

this is the

prognostication of some of the warriors among us Americans


Many many empires have tried to conquer and bring into submission Afghanistan and its people down through history. And how many warriors such as ours said the very same thing? Come on people. The original reason was the bin Ladin terrorist camps. We did do that job. We know how to do the continuing job, if necessary.

4 years of terror

culminating in the deadly explosion of willful trump agitated cultural/racial hate insurrection intent on a coup d'etat on 1/6/2021. This treason led and inspired by some of the evilest men ever to administer our country at a national level. Those who occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the Oval Office showed me one thing. True America is still searching for its soul and is continuing that quest to try and conquer its cultural division(s) and racist white supremacy ideology born out of the Slavery Era of enforced human bondage and racial separatism in this country from 1619-1964-65.

To have had, in my family, serving in the then known 'coloured' units of American soldiers from the Buffalo soldier-scout willing to fight and die for an ungrateful nation to soldiers of colour who served during one of the most openly racist 4 years of American history in Iraq, Afghanistan and other AO's is an example of serving honourably exemplified. And with all the RW openly racists individuals serving and getting military training during the last 4 years that further makes an example of POC serving honourably despite acrimonious interaction from soldiers I know from VA and other places.

For many, many generations with African-Americans hanged, burned alive, with whole towns and communities of POC razed in racist hate and murder in the name of some skewed idea of racial superiority, African-American men and women have continued to serve an ungrateful nation. And don't get me wrong the Irish, Asian, Hispanic-American, the questing immigrants from Central America trying to escape the corruption, drugs, rape, human trafficking and murder, the Middle-Eastern American have and do periodically suffer under the onus of being not quite the right skin colour or culture for the racist white American. Yet, historically have always been more readily accepted by the white racist American than the African-American citizen or soldier. A divide and conquer strategy used extensively in history in American political strategy. Even, as seen recently in New York, African-Americans get caught up in bigoted and prejudiced hate and fall prey to this strategy which enrages and saddens me. And others attacking Asian-American senior citizens in San Francisco the same for me. This recent hate caused directly by the trump administration in blaming the American Covid pandemic on the "Wuhan virus" or "Chinese virus". And this was used as one of many distractions from the trump family's corruption and looting of the American treasury.

Intra-race hates among non-white races is still a problem with the killing of black upon black crime over "turf" of which they do not usually own in the least. In the modern Cuban community of which a majority are RW still striving to show they are anti-Castro. My grandmother was Cuban, my grandfather met her as a soldier in the Cuban incursion during the American imperialistic expansion mainly in the Pacific during the Spanish-American War 1866-1898. So I do know a little of what I speak about here.
But I digress on my thoughts immediately upon waking this morning.

Given the events of the last 3 months in which we are trying to turn the corner on division and hate. I thank the fates for a competent administration led by President Joseph Biden and vice-President Kamala Harris. And then the fates for the 85 million Americans that turned away trump and his hateful base of racist ignorant minions bleating their willful desire to continue to create division among true Americans who desire justice and equality for all.

Done. No more to be said.

"that other guy"

really has brought out the best and worst in our American citizen(s). The racial/ethnic tribalism has become evident. It seems this division is planned as an ongoing fight from the fascist right led by ersatz leader(s) trump/miller. This encouraging their right-wing fascist 'brownshirts' in an army embedded in their 65 million Amerikkkan person base to openly support words that are designed to separate and hate. This is pure Amerikan apartheid based on the ethnic/racial dichotomy that is a continuance of trumps past 4 years.

And now we know, openly, police and military forces are infiltrated by virulent murderous RW soldiers of trump getting trained. The RW is brazen, with complete disregard to justice, law and human and equal rights. This suppressing of voting rights of POC who don't pass their smell test is just testing vulnerabilities in our laws and constitution. They are testing the wire. The takeover of Michigan legislature, 1/6/21 a second test. What's 4th on their list of dismantling democracy in favour of their fascist matrix?


would like to acquire

a star membership, but don't have a Paypal account and will never be part of that site...any other suggestions? And struggling with what info needed. My e-mail, I understand but won't accept the password. Is it DU password or e-mail password? No tech brain here.

less stress

it feels so good to awake these days after a nights sleep and REST, to not rush to the screen to see if the idiot had wreaked any more chaos upon his citizens and the world. done
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