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llashram's Journal
llashram's Journal
December 26, 2020


how disturbing. Even "honest Abe" hated the red man. The vicious evil intent of this genocide is appalling but not unknown in white America's drive to eradicate the First-Americans. Sad sad, sad. This country's history is a real primer on genocide and forced bondage that the whole world has studied and many leaders have tried to emulate. Hitler and De Boer are 2 that immediately come to mind. And I believe IF trump had got his 4 more years he would have tried to outdo those 2 mentioned. Hell, he's executing African-Americans in large numbers. Either by proxy with the police forces in this nation and in prisons. And when the crimes committed were much less than Blackwater mercenary crimes in the Middle East and I will go so far as to say, I bet some of those prisoners being executed by trump edict are innocent.

Yeah, God Bless America and if needed

December 8, 2020

how is it that all

including trump, on the staff and privileged few outsiders never get really sick? Herman Cain died for some reason underlying health problems or not. He was starting to have his doubts about attending superspreader events where they are trying to prove herd immunity? Starting with trump, did a vaccine already exist to take care of the leadership?

That one created and tested on inmates or people in mental wards. Why aren't this super spreader dying within the percentages that 'regular' Americans are dying? Almost 300,000 now. Something is fishy...to me. No one in the "super spreader" crowd is getting really ill with Covid. Is the media squelching the numbers of these type super spreaders?

And don't get me wrong, if they do and die. I do not care.

December 8, 2020

legally carrying a weapon

like Philandro Castile did in Minneapolis and he did tell his murderer that he had a legally carried weapon, it seems non-violent black men with a legal carry permit for personal weapons is all the more reason for white police officers to gun down a melanin enhanced human being, African-Americans specifically. Three bullets in the back on this young, innocent black man in front of his children and grandmother.

And this being all the more true when one reads stories like below, some of which I know of and others just as glaringly obvious as to who the white police officer-coward(s) fears with their guts full of hate toward black men making them nay demanding they pull their triggers on...
https://newsone.com/playlist/white-arrested-with-by-police/per capita, whites have a much better chance at survival while being engaged with and detained by police. And now white groups of civilian racists are getting in on the act shooting black men jogging in the wrong neighbourhood, etc

You know this is getting to a point of outrageous indifference to black life. And with all the "it must stop" calls, cries, entreaties...racial injustice of this sort where armed white people, civilian and police, have started again being judge, jury and EXECUTIONER, as in the lynching days of African slave runaways and post-slavery segregation days. Now again as in my grandparents days, their parents day, racist doctrines of white supremacy ideology are again openly adhered to in the south, quietly observed in the so-called liberal north. This is just so sickening in it's indifference to black lives and the pain these EXECUTIONS-murders cause the families of these innocent murder victims. And since trump has allowed at least 60million of these type individuals out on the streets again to show their pride at being gullible, ignorant low-life racists with a pass to murder and kill innocent black people, these murders have taken on an increasingly dark shade of evil indifference by this country's racist millions in police and civilian cadre's of white supremacists. They want racial insurrection to cause martial-law to keep the orange shitty diaper man in power. I believe they are trying to start this type of racial-class war. Won't happen. Black people know we are always"outnumbered and outgunned". We will not be the bait to further their stupidity and hate to the conclusion they think these executions will cause.

In both racist civilian groups and racist police units, the police-civilians are behaving in a manner again as they have from the day the first slave set foot on this country's soil and it looks like just as in those days we still have to stand up for our civil rights as a member of the human population dwelling on "this little blue marble" in an infinite space.

America's sins are legion. Karma is catching up both negatively with trump sticking his fingers in festering wounds and opening them up to bleed again for the ignorant and stupid cult of his to bath their damned souls in and positively(I hope) in trump and his grifting family having to pay the legal consequence for all the harm and damage they and the American Fascist Party have caused to black Americans and to a lesser degree all melanin enhanced people.

November 22, 2020

I know now

how the post-trump presidency will be. Of course, we will be able to find the major architects of trumps 4 year rampages against decency, honor, integrity and democracy.

https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/hitlers-inner-circle-the-10-most-powerful-men-in-nazi-germany.html…Connolly, Barr et al.

My heart hurts at the hate, malice and white supremacy dreams that 70millions plus have shown all the world from Heather Danielle Heyer at the Charleston-Nuremberg white supremacist rally 2017 to George Floyd 2020 as an arbitrary stopping point. And they have only been so brazen and open because trump and the GOP encouraged and enabled the provocations of the racist Right Wing Party. And even today no one has come forward from the leadership circles of the racist RW of the GOP to help protect America from trump's last rampage(s).


But enough has been enough. January 20th can not come too soon and one thing to me is true. These forces of fascism since before McCarthy-1950's will continue to try to undermine every cornerstone of our fledgling democracy. Because it will take time to root out trump appointees at ALL levels of our government.

November 21, 2020

america then


and now trump has tried and will continue trying to revive this culture. Don't get me wrong it has NEVER been dead. But it has been an obvious cultural norm not practiced openly, except for officers of the law, zimmerman's and people who go into black churches who feel they can be judge, jury and executioners for unarmed and innocent until proven guilty POC, African-americans specifically. Now 70+millions are stating then as now is okay again. Anti-Semitism is on the rise again also. Lots of people should be watching their 6 even when trump and his grifter family is booted out the WH
November 9, 2020

we must fight them until

They tap out. Article 2, Section 4

November 6, 2020

james will not concede

Source: timesunion.com


Read more: timesunion.com

republican to the bone
November 3, 2020

United States on NOAA

looks clear of extremely vote suppressing weather...

November 2, 2020

typical injustice of African-americans

down through american history and truthfully any melanin-enhanced minority. Money over people or in this case a cemetery full of African-Americans. "Racism is as American as apple pie" and trump.

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