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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

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no generalizations here

I was a devout Christian for 20 years. Involved in a church for 5 of those years until the racism of American Christianity hit me square in the face. After that incident which resulted in my leaving organized American Christianity, I researched American denominations of Christian from the founding of the country of America in 1776. I am glad I left the hypocrisy and lies. You can believe what you will, so shall I. The American Christian experience in many a mainstream denominations made me sad. Especially the Southern Baptist denomination. And now we have trump who many Christians have embraced.


this standard is as much a warning as any of those white terrorists trying to cow the Governor. White males with guns trying to incite violence, insanity and chaos will not see it coming as they will think this saying shows weakness. We will win while maintaining the high ground. That's where FLOTUS always has gotten us to, the moral high ground and leaving those white supremacists, trump brownshirts scratching the fleas from their head.

Immensely? If you say so. Should we get out our weapons and march against these terrorists. What are you implying? Why disparage FLOTUS? First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama stood for life, liberty and equality.

21st century

trump brownshirts terrorizing the populace to begin to try to cow us into obedience to their fuhrer. Hitler did the same thing with Rohm's brownshirts. I wonder if trump still has as one of his heroes, hitler? Christians have already been cowed by their obedience to their preachers and pastors telling them that god put trump in the office to turn back the clock to the "good old days".

As long a trump is in office, the klan and every other group of white supremacists/terrorists will have a good friend in the current occupant(s) of the WH.

You could not be more right and my unease is growing exponentially with every 'incident' such as these.

telling to me

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