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llashram's Journal
llashram's Journal
January 23, 2021

trump's lies-2015-Jan 6 2021


and MSM? Worthless until November 3rd 2020. Reactivated and reawakened 1/6...they are just as culpable in the misinformation or little to no information on what the truth was. Just plastered his face everywhere.
And that helped foment the RW crowd to insurrection and the causing of death and numerous injuries 1/6

The MSM's need for a profit denied many the truth and helped lead this country and some of its citizens to believe the big lie of trump...
January 3, 2021


Yet it is a travesty that I as an older American citizen of mixed-race parentage residing in Arica during these days have been watchful and wary. have been subjected to in the last four years. The last election and this bold 'coup' attempt by the fascist faction of the New Fascist led Republican Party, 21st century. The last 60 or so days, have been the most politically tumultuous I have ever experienced, at the federal level. The fascists and political opportunists are looking for permanent power. No more opposition. So it will be the blue and the reds this time. Possibly? With a little light purple in the mix. It has been nothing but in our face boldly screaming, "fuck the Constitution". I want money and power. Pandemic be damned! I am hopeful all this goes as did with Hitler's 'beer hall putsch' in 23'. Well? Here we are almost 100 years later and ...

It's Sunday, so I'll say amen to your OP.

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