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llashram's Journal
llashram's Journal
September 28, 2021

Simone Biles and courage

found this...

September 9, 2021

and to think

our MSM treated the prior POTUS and are still trying to treat the traitors, both Congressional and 1-6-21 stormtroopers, as had Wikipedia tried to glorify, gloss over and minimize nazis and their atrocities. Trump's role as a head nazi along with Kushner and Miller as he spread hate and thousands of lies that spewed from his hateful sewer of a mind was/are unassailable. 1-6-21 was because the MSM and his cowardly GOP did not call him out in any significant manner during his 4 years of hate-mongering. The media because trump provided hate theatrics that created advertising$$$ for them and money for the coffers of his GOP minions. He still does. That's why they still lick his boots, mud and all.

Now at this point in history, Americans are divided along racial and cultural lines in ways we may never recover from. This article has clarified this fact among the major ones in Ms Coffman's article in exposing the glossing over of atrocities of Hitler's 'Final Solution. Our MSM nurtured a nazi in his hate against ALL not like him, a white male racist trying to create his final solution, for 4 LONG YEARS.

And along with the hateful murders of unarmed untried and usually innocent African-Americans, 1-6-21 was an atrocity that injured and killed many on the side of a democratic America.


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