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llashram's Journal
llashram's Journal
May 24, 2022

prime example of...

white racism and money. This sickens me. The extension is 'homelands'--s.african history and continuing gentrification and 'urban' communities in distress right here in the good old USA! USA! USA


May 18, 2022

President Biden-trump

I just got off the telephone with someone who swore that if the EU and President Biden had handled the Russian invasion more responsibly we could be enjoying pre-pukin-Ukraine gasoline prices today. I asked my associate how blind could they be. The loser ex-Potus caused this because he was looking only for dirt on President Biden and his son every other threat to Ukraine was a distant second with Pukin advising trump on his foreign policy.

And if anyone here has ANY influence over our MSM, can we have an equitable accounting.

my question-who is responsible?

May 16, 2022

with the obvious

racial-racist implications with the Buffalo massacre. Maybe the drive-byes will stop, the self-hate of one's own race/skin colour will stop and we focus on who the real enemy is and always has been. We are going to have to have many soldiers on the line when the enemy begins Civil WarII. Trump must have...anyway he wasn't sad this happened. I bet he and Ivanka has a party to celebrate the death of some they hate. That hateful DEVIL helped kick this type of anti-American racist massacre off. I suspect that monkey sees, monkey do is coming into play.

I am wary now in public, but will defend myself and will put these like Roof-Gendron down!!!

May 14, 2022

the hypocrisy

is damning for those anti-Ukrainian Americans in 'meetings' with the President of Ukraine. Yet politics in the human-animal is what it is. Especially the American human-animal...

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