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Member since: Fri Sep 20, 2019, 03:40 PM
Number of posts: 2,061

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I would like to see "A Day Of Congressional Votes"

Bring up as much of the legislation that has already passed House as we can. Hold as many votes as possible in 24 hrs. Break the record for most passed pieces of legislation in a day.

It would get coverage. It wouldn't be a waste of time. It would be about the image we want to promote. We work. They don't do shit.

Why was David Sirota hired,

Cenk Uygur endorsed, and Darius Khalil Gordon fired?

This is outright bullshit, folks.

I know this goes against popular thought here....

But I really don't like the lack of vetting we have become accepting to in our primaries. I really don't like the whole thought that we better not bloody ourselves before going into the general. This is a blood sport. It should be. Going into the general with a candidate who has not been fully and publicly vetted is dangerous. It harms our chance at success in many ways.

The internet has made a difference. There is simply more available about the candidates and more being found daily. That does not mean that the vetting is making it to the masses.

Vetting also seems to be group or issue specific. I feel from what I've seen that the party faithful are a bit weary of vetting those on the further left side of the spectrum simply out of fear of losing the support of their voters. That garbage has to stop. It's unacceptable. Specially when the party is in such an amazing position with people from all parts of the ideological spectrum showing great numbers. There simply is no punching down. The party faithful have to lose this fear.

There are one hundred percent factual statements that can be made about the history of candidates that are not allowed on DU. These are things that are important for voters to know in order to make an informed decision. Please understand that. As rough as you think it is in this primary forum, the membership as a whole has decided we cannot fully vet our candidates on this forum. Some things must be hidden from the eyes of the membership. That is how far we will go to hide known facts about our own candidates.

We vet the living shit out of Republicans. We would be well served to do the same to our own candidates.

I am extremely grateful that Warren was bold enough to.....

Outline paying for single payer healthcare. Out of all of our candidates supporting single payer she is the only one willing to stick her neck out and define payment(close enough, anyway). This is something even Sanders has refused to do. I'm not sure if people are aware but the M4A bill he introduced does not outline how it will be paid for in any way. It actually defines where the money for single payer will be placed but says noting about how the revenues will actually be generated. Kind of hilarious if you think about it. Sanders then spitballs enough ideas for revenue generation that it's worthless to even debate.

Warren took it to the next level and I think it was a must for us. A must for people like me who feel we have move toward single payer yet fully understand the country isn't ready, congress is even further off. We need bold leaders like Warren who will put it all out there. It helps us move toward a robust public option. It helps to pave the path for it. It helps to build acceptance toward something with more depth down the road.

Free healthcare will never exist. We all know this. It's going to take a lot of people with the courage of Warren who are willing to elevate methods to fund such a hefty project. She is more than an activist, revolutionary, or protest candidate; yet she works to build support for important things like and activist and she will sure as hell join a protest. She is willing to back what she is selling when others are not.

I don't know if it will be what sinks her candidacy. The timing seems pretty clear that it hurt her. She has been so steady and I think she needs to just keep doing what she was doing. I don't view her plan to pay for single payer to be an unsteady move. I actually love how deliberate she was about it. Even ginning up a little excitement with her release date. It's just a hard sell. A really hard sell. I promise you this, she never had to sell me. It was a winner with me on messaging alone. I knew it wasn't going to be popular. I also know I'm in a fight that is going to last decades and that Warren just won a battle along the way. She might not be doing a victory lap but this is more important than many realize. I really hope people get that. There is an aspect that is much bigger than her candidacy.

Others before her have talked about defined ways to pay for such an endeavor. Warren did it on the national stage.

Thank you Warren. Thank you.

Trump advocates beating up hecklers.

Trumps Corporate Head of Security was hired after Trump saw him roughing up a person at a tennis match. No bullshit.

Biden puts dishonest right wing talking points in their place. It's flat out great. Not only is it not a problem but I love the fight it shows, and we are going to be in a slug fest.

It's laughable that some are trying to make an issue of this. People are so desperate to gut Biden that they keep salivating over the most foolish of shit. This will once again endear more people to Biden.

Everyone wan't Trump and Giuliani lies met with force, until the candidate they don't like meets them with force.

Something I noticed from the latest round of polls.

The Economist/YouGov 7% Not Sure


Quinnipiac 11% Not Sure


CNN 8% Not Sure


A bit of apples and oranges as some of the focus groups were a bit different. Still, if I'm reading these correctly, that is a pretty small number of undecideds.

Time to go all in.

I have had a serious problem deciding who I will support. I really do like a couple of the candidates. If I could wave a magic wand right now and choose the President out of our field Amy Klobuchar would be sitting in the oval office. I think she is the real deal and as tough as nails. I see no downside to her outside of the fact that her campaign cannot get moving in any major way(yeah, pretty major downside ). I could go on about why I think that is but it would just be more of a distraction.

Buttigieg: The future. He has done nothing but impress me.

Warren: Fucking rock star. Wouldn't just vote for her for President. I would work for her. I think she is better suited as a member of the house or senate. She is the exact person we need putting legislation together and fighting for it in congress. I am taking no swipe at her here. I believe she is fully Presidential and qualified for the job.

Booker: What has gone wrong? The guy is brilliant and very deep. He can get a message across. He cares passionately about all of the things we care about. I have enormous amounts of respect and admiration for the man. Maybe he should have gone on a soul searching mission before running.

Castro: No one knows systemic governmental oppression like he does. His on the ground perspective combined with his government experience has made him a big player. He was in the Obama Administration and will continue to be moving forward. Castro, you rock.

Yang: I find him to be a man of great character, intelligence, and understanding. I greatly appreciate him elevating the conversation around a UBI. He is also doing so with a great smile and is really putting himself out there.

Williamson: I really don't care what other people think. I love her. I love her platform. I love how she has challenged her own community, notorious for not voting, to show up and vote whether she wins the nomination or not. She also has one of the best platforms out there. She was the master of the platform before Yang showed up. That is not a shot at Yang. I just hope people see how serious Williamson was out of the gate. Her platform is extremely robust and speaks to our needs. She has pushed that very hard in her own community which she does have influence in. And here is a little love love love for her haters.

Sanders: If you vote for someone trashing the media and journalism, while espousing populist rhetoric, you are a part of the problem.

Biden: Clearly has staying power. He is uniquely qualified to start running before day one. That is what we need. Someone who can assess the destruction of departments and agencies and be ready to get them heading in a different direction on day one. This is not going to be a smooth transition of power no matter how it goes down, assuming we beat Trump. He will immediately be given respect by our allies. Biden was a pretty active VP. He knows the players and they know him. Many of the foreign relationships are established.

Electability plays no role in my decision. I get that it is major for some. Out of those I listed above, I only feel Sanders and Williamson would lose in a landslide against Trump. The rest I believe would have a very similar shot as Biden. I cannot take electablity polls this far out with any seriousness. The polls themselves are almost a complete bastardization and abuse of statistics, and few seem to understand what they actually mean. Very little. That's is what they mean at this point in time. You have to think your way through it far more than looking at polls that by nature have almost zero significance or connectability to actual election day.

Since I am choosing Biden I will also tell you why it took me this long to jump on the Biden train. His history on the economy is very clear. He is so much more conservative than I am when it comes to how things should work. I fully understand that a lot of this has to do with the state he was elected to represent. Still, some of his proposals and things he has supported when it comes to the economy are unacceptable to me today. I have come to the realization that Biden is still far more conservative in this area than I am. I also think the Biden of today would find some of the things he did back in the day as being unacceptable today, specially if he is representing us at the national level.

At one point Biden mentioned he would be a one termer. That still bothers me. Such a thought should not cross his lips for the remainder of the campaign.

Biden is not my ideological match. That doesn't mean he doesn't lean in my direction on almost every issue or that he isn't toward my side of the equation when looking at society as a whole.

I don't hate your candidate because I am going all in for Biden. I think our field, overall, is amazing. Most of you who have read my posts know that I speak very highly about almost every single candidate. I will continue to do so.

In Montgomery visit, Pete Buttigieg talks health care; condemns Alabama abortion ban

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg met with representatives of several local groups in Montgomery on Monday and discussed a range of issues from health care to reproductive rights to prison overpopulation.

Buttigieg, 37, the mayor of South Bend, Ind. since 2012, mixed praise for those he said were "courageously helping women obtain health care" in Alabama with criticism of legislators who had "refused to expand Medicaid, and prioritize the withdrawal and assault on women's reproductive rights.

"What we see in Alabama unfortunately among legislators is a refusal to follow the law of the land," said Buttigieg, in the middle of a southern swing. "Roe v. Wade is the law of the land. It has a majority of the American people supporting this framework."

Montgomery Advertiser

Please don't forget how easy it is for ratfuckers and trolls....

To have an impact when they are allowed. They can shape the worldview of individuals or simply embolden their currently flawed worldview, facts be damned.


Just did a search and this mentally unstable right wing nut job, HA Goodman, got over 250 recommends in support of an article of his during the 2016 primary.

VoteVets.org Endorses Mayor Pete Buttigieg for President.


Pete Buttigieg Receives VoteVets’ First-Ever Presidential Primary Endorsement

The liberal veterans group said the South Bend, Indiana, mayor has “what it takes to beat Donald Trump.”

Huffington Post
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