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wnylib's Journal
wnylib's Journal
March 29, 2020

What is your favorite dog breed and why?

Mine is border collies, based on one I had many years ago, named Laddie. He was not pedigreed (none of my pets have been), so he might have had another breed in his family tree somewhere, but he looked pure border collie. Got him from the Humane Society when he was 2 months old. He was tri-colored, white, black, and a rich sable color.

The best all around dog I ever knew. Protective, playful, excellent hunting instincts without any training, well mannered and rule-abiding, very intelligent, huge vocabulary, and able to make his own judgments about danger. (I never let my husband take him hunting bc I feared a stupid hunter would shoot him for a fox).

Most memorable and amazing thing that Laddie did. We were at a public park on the Lake Erie shore next to the mouth of a large creek that empties into the lake. It was early spring. The creek was just stocked with coho salmon and several fishermen were checking it out, tossing Velveeta cheese to watch the fish jump.

We were chatting with a young couple who had their 18 month old daughter with them. I had Laddie on a leash. None of us, except Laddie, noticed the girl wander toward the creek bank, which had a 30 foot drop and strong undertow from the lake.

Laddie barked so ferociously, while tugging HARD on the leash, that I looked to see why. None of us could have reached the child in time. Intuituvely I understood Laddie's intent and dropped the leash. He raced to the girl, knocked her down, and sat on her until her father reached her. Meantime, the mother was screaming in fear.

When the father picked up his daughter, Laddie trotted back to me. The father offered us $50 for saving his child. We said the dog did it, not us. He said, "But you gave the command." I told him that I said nothing, just let go so Laddie could do his thing, and that Laddie was not a trained rescue dog, only a pet.

The father could not believe that an untrained dog would recognize the danger and take action on his own. But, border collies are instinctively herding dogs. Laddie saw a young "human lamb" going astray and went after her.

I have had other dogs that I cherished, but Laddie has always remained my favorite.

March 26, 2020

Kudos to WBFO, the NPR station in Buffalo.

FINALLY, on Wedneday they covered all of Cuomo's daily brief and did not break for Donny Death's circus sideshow. It's about time they stopped giving him free campaign coverage to spread disinformation and went to the source of real news for NYers -- and the nation.

March 25, 2020

Genocidal president trades lives for his public image.

True to his showmanship over governance form, Trump chooses Easter to dramatize "resurrecting" the economy. Will he also resurrect the people who die as the end of social distancing increases transmission?

NY Governor Cuomo agrees that it is not sustainable to shut down the country indefinitely. But Cuomo speaks rationally about putting young and recovered (immune) people back to work in places where it is safe to do so.. Trump speaks in melodrama about the patriotic duty to choose markets over human life. No restrsints or guidelines. Just open up the country again. On Easter.

Fortunately, indiviual governors will make decisions in their own states.

DT does not stand for Donald Trump.
DT = Death Transmitter.

President Death, leader of the Genocide of People party.

March 20, 2020

Cuomo declares 100% work force shut down

Essential workers only.

And I am p.o.'d at Buffalo NPR station because they are not covering Cuomo's conference in order to cover Trump instead.

Trump has nothing useful to say. I know this before he speaks. Cuomo's decisions have a more direct bearing on my life and well being. Trump will only spout worthless lies and personal attacks.

It does not matter what title Trump holds. A station in NY should cover NY . The Trump BS will be available ad nauseum everywhere all day.

At the very least, NPR in Buffalo should cut one of its programs later today in order to play the Cuomo conference.

March 17, 2020

Should schools be closed?

Local schools closed today. Droves of kids on the streets and hanging out in stores. How does this contain spread? I understand that working parents cannot control their movements. Also hard to find babysitters for young ones.

So isn't it better to keep kids in schools unless there is a big outbreak in the area?

If we are going to close the schools, should we resort to law enforcement to stop kids from hanging out in groups where more vulnerable adults are trying to get supplies?

Maybe we need a "Protect grandma" slogan and campaign to drive it home. (Grandpa, too, but it has more effect to focus on little old ladies.) if anyone is carrying the virus, every door and item they touch becomes a transmission point for everyone afterward for one to three days.

March 16, 2020

Very worthy pasttime.

March 16, 2020

Western NY updates, schools, churches, cases

CONFIRMED CASES - Allegheny Co. 2, Erie Co. 7, Monroe Co. 2

Chautauqua Co. tested 4, with 3 negative, 1 pending. Most schools in the county closed for 30 days, starting on 3/18, with some closed today. State of emergency declared to prepare for eventual cases.

Erie Co. schools closed today (3/16/20), open tomorrow for students to pick up books and personal items, then closed for 30 days.

Western NY Catholic Church masses are suspended until further notice.

40 NY counties in state of emergency.

March 16, 2020

What's your favorite home isolation activity?

I keep busy catching up on procrastinated projects (cleaning closets, desk) but for entertainment there are movies, books, online contact, phone chats, playing with cat, who is delighted to have the company.

March 15, 2020

Erie County, NY 3 confirmed covid cases

Late on Saturday, March 14, Erie County Health Department reported 3 confirmed cases of covid 19. The 3 people are now in mandatory quarantine and their contacts are being traced.

For people not familiar with the western NY region, Buffalo is in Erie County. Most communities in Erie County are suburbs of Buffalo or small towns nearby.

Buffalo schools were already scheduled to close for one day on Monday while the scool district decided what to do in case the virus showed up in the area. Then on Tuesday, they were supposed to open so teachers could distribute "materials" (what kind?) to students.

Anybody else in this area who has heard more? My info is that more details will be released today.

March 13, 2020

Coronavirus special program tonight

At 10:00 pm tonight, 3/13, NPR is hosting an hour long special on what people need to know about the corona virus.

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