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R.I.P. Helen Reddy (I Am Woman)

You tube has a good video of Helen Reddy singing I Am Woman on stage in 1971. I could not get a link that would work. If anyone else can, please add it to this thread.

That song gave me inspiration and courage at a time in my life when I badly needed it. Just watching the video and hearing those meaningful words today brought tears to my eyes, remembering how much it meant to me then and how much my life has changed since then.

R.I.P Ms. Reddy. And thank you.

Who remembers life for women before RBG?

What are your personal memories and experiences?

I remember job listings in the newspaper in separate columns labelled: Jobs for Men and Jobs for Women. The men's column listed openings for engineers, hospital staff doctors, accountants, department managers, retail managers, skilled trade jobs. The women's column listed office clerical positions, hairdressers, nurses.

I have a copy of Life Magazine from 1968 with an article about a "women's lib" call to eliminate gender divisions in job listings. The article ridicules the idea and says it is highly unlikely that such a radical idea would ever come to pass.

When I left my husband and filed for divorce, my father went with me to help choose a used car. I was steadily employed throughout my marriage and paid most of our bills because my ex could not hold a job for long. The car dealer said I could not get a bank loan in my name so my father co-signed. The next day, I took out a personal loan from my employer's credit union, with the car as collateral, and paid off the bank to get the car and the loan in my name

I divorced my husband because he was violent. A co-worker asked me, "Well, is it serious? Or does he just slap you around a little?"

So what do DUers here remember about the old gender attitudes and laws?

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