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wnylib's Journal
wnylib's Journal
September 30, 2021

OMG! It's possible to overdo the mask thing.

I had a dermatology appointment this morning. My father had melanoma, the deadly form of skin cancer, and it is hereditary. About 3 years ago, I had a precancerous lesion removed from my right arm. It would have developed into squamous cell carcinoma, not melanoma.

So I went for a head to toe skin checkup today, a yearly exam due to my and my father's medical histories. I am fully vaccinated but due to age and health issues, I always wear a mask around other people. A sign at the medical office said that masks were required at all times unless requested by staff to remove it.

So I declined to remove my mask during the exam, even though the PA said that all staff were vaccinated. There were no worrisome moles on my face. The rough skin patch on my wrist is worthy of observation but not suspicious - yet. Clean bill of skin health. Good.

Just before I was ready to get dressed to leave, the PA reminded me that frequent itching of a spot is a symptom and I remembered scratching the side of my nose lately. So, I thought, why not let her take a peak? We're both vaccinated. I pulled down the mask. Sure enough. The itchy spot is the same kind of precancerous lesion that I had a few years ago on my arm.

Damn good thing I removed the mask. She sprayed it with liquid nitrogen and I go back in 8 weeks to make sure that it worked and the skin is healing.

Almost overdid the mask thing.

September 30, 2021

What strange or unusual food preferences do you have?

For example, in my teens, I often ate onion sandwiches, with freshly sliced, uncooked onions. Nothing else on the bread except ketchup. (But never before going on a date.) I still enjoy a ketchup and onion sandwich occasionally.

I like oatmeal without a sweetener. Maybe with raisins and cinnamon sometimes, but oatmeal seems naturally sweet enough to me without needing sugar. Same with Cheerios.

Pickles and mayo on melted cheese sandwiches. Mmm.

September 17, 2021

I'm confused. How can the Oregon

medical board revoke the license of a Dallas doctor? Is there a Dallas, Oregon?

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