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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
Number of posts: 4,701

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What is happening

In the last weeks I have been an armchair general and an armchair admiral. Now, today, I am an armchair psychic. This is what will happen in the next few days:

1. shelling continues
2. the Olympics end, sending the Russian athletes home
3. the meeting on the 24th does not occur
4. more cyber stuff happens
5. more Russian troops arrive at the border
6. muddy terrain becomes a problem (I'd recommend seeding the clouds, but the rain would probably freeze coming down and turn into snow...is snow good?)

That is all. I must recline to contemplate more of the future.

Hasn't it started already?

Sure, the rebels blew a hole in a nursery building, barely missing the little kids. But, I keep reading that shelling is still occurring in the disputed region. For instance, they shelled someone's house and it burned. While I know they have been at war for 8 years, and fighting is nothing new there, it seems to me that the "false flag" is really the start. Like, the start is really hidden within the "false flag."

If I were Biden, I'd close the American embassy in Moscow and bring those guys home, especially since they kicked out one of our ambassadors. He is keeping it open in order to facilitate diplomacy and avenues of discussion, but forget it. Shred everything and come out. Hold your talks in Washington, where we know the Russian ambassadors are safe. But, not in Moscow.

Those rebel guys didn't start this up on a whim. They got instructions from someone. The fighting hasn't stopped, and it's turning into one continuous incident. I feel bad for the citizens there.

What is the Ukranian army supposed to do? Just sit there? Eff Putin. People just want to live in peace.

Do you remember the last Winter Olympics?

One event I like to remember is the following:

I don't remember their names, but one of our celebrity skiers was going to retire following this Olympics, and everyone was talking to her, talking about it and all. She was entered in several events.

Well, this one event was downhill skiing, you know, where you have to ski through the gates. There was a snow boarder who entered for a lark. She did not train for downhill skiing, but she knew how to do it.

So, she does her last run, and it is fantastic. She ended up winning gold. She did not expect to win, so it was almost an afterthought for her to look up at the scores. She beat even the Olympic champion downhill skier.

Later, the press was interviewing the retiring Olympian, who had an event scheduled, and they were inquiring as to how she felt about her chances to win. And, she said something like, "Yeah, I don't think there are any snow boarders entered."

Hahaha!! Oh, that was so funny! It was sweet and memorable. I don't have a clip of it, but I remember that joke.

Source for troop backup for Putin

After watching the United Nations security council meeting from Jan. 31st, I kept thinking about the Russian speaker asking how we know how many troops are massed at the border. He was very indignant. So, I got to thinking...Belarus has 46,000 - 48,000 military people in their army. Any part of that number would be a substantial backup for Putin's aims.

So, I wonder what the true number of waiting troops really is, and what Lukashenko and Putin are really discussing today.

Security Council on Ukraine United Nations meeting held on Jan. 31.

An interesting listen:

CNN reported that

Russia put up a pontoon bridge over a river four miles from the Ukraine border, overnight. They also constructed roads. I don't know much if anything about pontoon bridges other than they are portable. Can you leave them in place forever, or do they require maintenance?

They aren't withdrawing. Still no satellite images showing them making a big effort to leave. Rather, they are increasing their presence.

Thank you very much for all my hearts.

I appreciate them very much.

Belarus should be sanctioned, too.

Nobody has said a damn thing about the support that Lukashenko is giving to Russia. If they come across the border from Belarus, that shows that he supports Putin. Which, we know he does, but he will involve his own country in these sham "war games." And, if Putin strikes against Ukraine from their soil, then Belarus will be involved as an ally of Russia.

I wonder if diplomacy has been exercised with Belarus? Has there been a shuttle of diplomats pleading with him to stop Russia? 'Cause, that country needs to be included in the sanctions, if they help Russia to invade Ukraine. I wonder if they realize that.

Thank you again for all the Hearts! n/t

The Food Wars

Because Lithuania recently requested a permanent garrison of US troops within their borders (same as Poland did,) I realized that I did not know where in hell Lithuania actually is in the milieu of countries threatened by Russia.

So, I ran across this:


I had no idea. I did note that Taiwan has stepped up its imports of rum from Lithuania in order to make up for the decrease in trade. What does Lithuanian Rum taste like? I like Rum in my cakes, and having just decided to try baking rum cakes (having not done so well with bread,) I want to keep abreast of my options.
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