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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
Number of posts: 5,705

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Desktop Christmas Cheer

If your looking for widgets for your desktop, I found a free site that has interesting little things that you can download. The fireplace is particularly good. The fire is very realistic, not cartoonish, and it has a strip of lights across the top that flash.

Also, the Christmas trees are excellent, but they're kind of busy. There's lots of them, though. I put a strip of lights across the top of my screen. I'll leave them there unless I feel that my desktop is too busy. All these things stay on top no matter what. If you want to delete them, click on "exit" and they'll be gone from the desktop. I didn't find a panel to adjust the lights at the top.

These are zip files and seem to be old, but they appear harmless. I am running Windows 10, and they work. Use at your own peril; I didn't make these. The fireplace is advertised all over the net. All the references refer back to this one site: http://get-xmas.com.

I just thought that someone might want this for their desktop. Doesn't hurt to tell you. The fireplace is much better than it looks. All this stuff opens in the lower right corner, but then you can move them. The garland opens at the top, and does not move.

I've been watching

Dog Agility Trials on YouTube. Also, dog herding demonstrations. I am getting a bit of sports euphoria from them, and I find them very entertaining.

It is enough to make you haul your dog to the back yard and begin making it comply. But, I think that if I had a dog in a trial, my poor doggie wouldn't win because I can't run that fast anymore, if ever I could. Sometimes, it's just as fun to watch the trainer run the course as it is the dog. For one video, they drew a graphic of the course on the picture, showing the pathway. Man, I'm too stupid to remember all that. The dog has to be told what to do next. They don't know. And, I'm afraid I wouldn't know either. I guess they use cheat sheets.

It sure looks like fun. You might enjoy watching a few.

I want to run away.

The last year has been rough. My quality of life is slipping. I'm not able to cry anymore, and to put the icing on the cake of misery--toilet cakes, I guess--my old cat is screaming at me. She jumps up and bleats at me like a roaring lion. And then, gives me a really dirty look. What'd I do to deserve this? I give her everything. I serve her.

I don't like being screamed at by a cat. I love my last remaining cat, but doggone it! My nerves are shot! She has such a nice manner of talking to me when she's normal--you guys told me tortoise-shell cats are like that--but all this week she has beaten me up, and appears angry with me. She's up in my business, knocking stuff off the table right and left, and is following me around constantly waiting for me to deliver...what??

I bought her those Delectable Squeeze Up Treats. She goes almost berserk over those. Someone asked me what's in them...tuna, chicken...??? Catnip? I don't know! There's no listing. I think she wants that, but I can't hand them out like Halloween candy! I have considered tasting the paste just to see if maybe it's something I want! Maybe all I need is a hit off of this Squeeze Up cat treat. Maybe that's the ticket. Another secret treatment...forget FB, forget IG, just pass the paste over and maybe I'll share it with my cat!
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