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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 03:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,160

Journal Archives

CNN's John King Just Said Trump Can Do Math

Do you have proof Mr. King?

Thought so.

Of Course All Sourse Code In All Voting Machines Is Available




Just kidding.

Your votes are counted by vaporware.


Exile Trump To Mar a Lago Now

Don't let him do or break anything else.

Put Fauchi in charge.

Offer him a million cash.

He will take it guaranteed.

Yes It Is Definitely Time For Some Good Trouble

Some necessary trouble.

Time For A Stimulus Bill Now Since Trump Lost Mitch And Fellow Scum Republicans

Tens of millions are hurting, and are too hungry, and filled with destitution to celebrate anything.

Trump Ignored Coronavirus One More Day 120,000 infected

Like they said in Rambo.

Bring a lot of bodybags.

In Trump's Infant Mind He Won Fair And Square And He Will Never Concede

Besides conceding would hurt his brand.

Pure Asshole.

Want To Take The Senate? Someone Official Should Announce They Will Investigate Loeffler

For insider trading. She is guilty as F. Republicans wouldn't hesitate.

If Republicans in the FBI can force Comey to attack Hillary twice, this should be allowed.

Loeffler committed a crime, and Barr did nothing about it.

Of course Barr did nothing. He is more corrupt than she is by far.

Stop playing nice with these corrupt Republican scum.

Loeffler is filthy.

Start the attacks now.

Beat her privileged corrupt criminal ass into the pavement starting today.

If you want to win the Senate that is.

Both Georgia Candidates Should Run On Eliminating Dark Money


The media would crucify them.

I forgot where the dark money goes.

A Regular Person Would Go To Prison For What Loeffler Did

Just ask Martha Stewart.

Your first ad rev.

Privileged scum helping themselves.

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