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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,945

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Utah Republicans Should Mail In Their Trump Vote Before They Die - Hospitals Full

And sending the elderly home to die to make room for younger victims of Trump.


They Say They Don't Want America To Become Venezuela But...

Becoming NAZI Germany, no problem.

Am I the only one who gets it?

Why does Trump complain so much about ANTIFA?

Because he's a FASCIST.

I have plenty more.

Jesse Jensen - R WA 08 - Paid For 2 Ads During Seahawks Game

Saying he was gonna keep taxes low so we could recover. Nothing about Rich Folks paying taxes, or Covid.

Please help Dr. Kim Schriever if you can.

We don't need another pile of Republican feces like Dave Reichert representing the 8th.

D K Metcalf Is A Freak

And he's our freak.

It almost isn't fair.

"One of the plays of the year" said Collinsworth.

(He ran down a pick 6 when Buddha Baker had a 10 yard head start)

Insane speed.

Taxes Taxes Taxes Texan Says He Votes His Pocketbook - Just On CNN Interview

He will vote for whoever keeps his taxes lowest.

So if Trump sexually assaulted his wife, and daughter, and granddaughter, it wouldn't matter.

At least he got a tax cut.

The Mammon Worshipper.......

I am assuming he would vote for Ted Bundy if he was to get a tax cut too!

Covigula Trump

Please stop using the word Donald.

Covigula loves giving others his own names.

This is my name for him.


Mark Meadows Is Lying His Ass Off On Jake Tappers Show

Meadows you are not trying to contain the corona virus.

Trump is trying to spread the virus holding maskless rallies to try to get elected.

These actions are killing people.


F you Meadows.

Covigula Trump Makes Racist Ignorant Human Filth Think They Are Superior

And that is very powerful.

They hate "liberal elites" something fierce.

Covigula is a textbook example of what happens when stupid people are in charge.

Death and destruction.

Then more death and more destruction.

Kinda like the sheriff in Rambo. He respected Rambo as much as Covigula respects reality.


By Election Day Covigula Trump Will Be Behind By 50 Million Votes

Good luck making that up asshole.

Drag everyone you know to the polls.

Pour it on.

E-Mail From Corey Booker Said Help Warnock Bullock And Espy Will Do The Most $10 Each From Me

The closer to 60 the better.

On ActBlue In Two Weeks Since Ginsburg Death

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