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Member since: Thu Jan 16, 2020, 01:06 PM
Number of posts: 8,096

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Election of Virginia

An off year election that went with historic trend. Iím disappointed but kind of question why the media is making this a disaster for the Democratic Party. I donít recall any stories about Vermont, Maryland or Massachusetts electing and even some cases re-electing republican governors. Nor do I recall republicans in trouble over Louisiana and other states electing democratic governors. Is the media taking this too far?

Lebanon left without power as grid shuts down


The entire country of Lebanon is without power. I hope they are getting help. Thatís got to be awful.

Hampton Roads Black congressional caucus endorses Glenn Youngkin for Governor


I honestly hope this is a joke. I find this hard to believe.

Vaccination numbers and statistics


It looks like weíre getting there. Over half have been vaccinated.

Bridgerton is awesome! It's a series on Netflix

The show is from the creator of Grayís and how to get away with murder. Iím only on episode four. I think many may like it.

No social distancing, very few masks: video shows large block party in Southwest Philadelphia


Not good at all!!!!! The video is unbelievable.

The virtual rally for Vice President Biden in Tampa.


Tampa was the sponsor or coordinator.

Around 400 people party where 6 were shot, nearly 100 casings recovered


Louisiana isn't the only state that has people not abiding to the virus rules. 400 at a party during this????? I find it hard to believe that people are still risking their lives. They can't party in a few months??????

You made my day! Thank you for the heart! Love you all!!!!

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