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Member since: Thu Jan 23, 2020, 03:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,868

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If the filibuster is not done away with, but reformed so that senators have to stand there for hours

and hours and talk throughout the whole thing, nonstop, à la Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, then I hope that they also make it a crime for anyone to give that senator food or water! Also make it illegal to bring their own food and water.

Maybe then they might, just might, understand how remarkably cruel, punitive, and inhumane it was for Georgia to pass a law making it a crime to give food or water to people waiting hours on end just to vote.

If Covid and variants are here to stay, I hope to see private, members-only establishments

created just for "The Covid Careful." These would be private restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters, grocery stores, beaches, hair salons, and the like that would require membership to enter. To become a member, you would need to show proof of vaccination and agree to wear a mask and observe social distancing ANYWAY, just in case of new variants.

Security would be required at the door, of course, to keep the nonmember anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers at bay.

I would be more than willing to pay a membership fee just for the reassurance that other members are being as cautious as I am.

Thank you, California Nurses Association, for not giving up on single-payer health insurance!

Another post on DU today explains how the Affordable Care Act is "quietly" undergoing major changes under the Biden administration to expand the availability of health insurance, which is wonderful news. More wonderful news is that nurses in California have not given up on their mission since 1994 to promote the single-payer health insurance model.

From a February 19, 2021, CNA website article:

Renewing its commitment to the larger fight for health care justice, the California Nurses Association (CNA) is pleased to sponsor Assembly Bill 1400 (Kalra), the California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act (CalCare), which would guarantee comprehensive, high-quality health care to all California residents as a human right. The establishment of the CalCare program is an improved Medicare for All-type health care system.

Despite the gains made under the Affordable Care Act, nearly 3 million Californians have no health insurance, while millions more have insurance that they can’t afford to use because their copays and deductibles are too high. Meanwhile, for-profit insurance companies are reporting record-breaking profits, even while the Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage California and medical bankruptcies are at an all time high.

Sponsored by CNA and authored by Assemblymember Ash Kalra, AB 1400 will ensure that all Californians, regardless of employment, income, immigration status, race, gender, or any other considerations, can get the health care they need, free at the point of service.

“From our experiences caring for patients, we nurses have known the need for and fought for decades for everyone to have guaranteed health care through a system like CalCare,” said Bonnie Castillo, RN and executive director of California Nurses Association and the national nursing organization with which it is affiliated, National Nurses United. “The Covid pandemic has just underscored the desperate societal need for this program NOW. CalCare will ensure that public health is the priority of our health care system, not making a buck for insurance corporations.”

CNA nurses have been at the forefront of the fight to guarantee health care as a right for all Californians since 1994, when they led the charge for Prop. 186, a ballot measure that would have implemented a single-payer system in California. Since then, nurses have continued to advocate for guaranteed health care for all, knowing all too well the failings that come with a health care system that places profits ahead of patients.


This is what happens when caring people tackle problems involving basic human rights.

Has anyone else noticed that there are more DU posts on non-political topics? Woo-hoo!

Now that Mango Mussolini has been kicked out of office, we are now able to think about music and art and film and other enriching cultural stuff.



Thank you for my new hearts, DU members!

In spite of the outcome of the trial and the monumental battle that is to come in 2022, I'm feeling happy and hopeful this Valentine's Day, and being able to take part in this forum is part of the reason why.

Thank you very much!

Dems, we have a mandate and a rallying cry: STOP THE BIG LIE.

Let's take this angry energy that we're all feeling from the almost-certain acquittal of Traitor Trump and use it to start working at combatting the Big Lie at every turn and working at protecting and gaining House and Senate seats in 2022.

You know, the Repubs are just like the coronavirus. By keeping the House and winning the Senate in 2020, we've been "vaccinated" against them for the next two years, but in those two years, the Repubs are going to mutate into an even deadlier variant, one that is even better at voter suppression and Republican voter radicalization through Fox News, OAN, social media, and right-wing talk radio.

They're betting they can retain and gain seats in 2020 by maintaining Trump's Big Lie. Let's not let them do it.

Thank you for my third heart, DU!

I appreciate it!

They should make the Senate impeachment vote a secret ballot. I want the senators who vote to acquit

to be excoriated and be publicly branded forever as having supported Terrorist Trump's attack on the Capitol as much as anyone.

But if it takes anonymity to make the coward Republicans feel safe about voting to convict, then I am for a secret ballot.

Thank you to the two DUers who gave me a heart! I am so happy to have found this community!

I don't think I could have made it through the last four years without y'all, so a very big THANK YOU to everyone on this forum.

Republicans want to "make peace" with the far right? I thought US policy was to not negotiate with

terrorists. At least, that's what Representative Tom Cole (R-OK) had on his website in 2016:

Negotiating with Terrorists
August 29, 2016 Weekly Columns
It has been a longstanding policy of the United States that we will not negotiate with terrorists and we will not pay ransom money to free hostages. The reasons for this policy are obvious; paying ransoms incentivizes the taking of more hostages. U.S. presidents for decades have recognized this policy and adhered to it - until this president.

As we have learned over the last several weeks, the Obama administration paid Iran $400 million in pallets of foreign currency – supposedly to pay them back for an arms deal in the late 1970’s that the United States had negotiated with the Shah of Iran when they were considered a friendly ally. Not surprisingly, when the Shah was overthrown and the Islamic Revolutionaries took over the country and seized 52 American hostages, that arms deal was negated and diplomatic relations between our two countries were severed.


By the way, this myth that Obama gave Iran millions of dollars was debunked by FactCheck.org:

Former President Barack Obama didn’t give “150 billion in cash” to Iran.

The nuclear agreement included China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union, so Obama didn’t carry out any part of it on his own. The deal did lift some sanctions, which lifted a freeze on Iran’s assets that were held largely in foreign, not U.S., banks. And, to be clear, the money that was unfrozen belonged to Iran. It had only been made inaccessible by sanctions aimed at crippling the country’s nuclear program.


If the QOP Republican party now wants to "make peace" (i.e., negotiate) with the terrorist far-right extremists, then it's just another case of "if Republicans do it, it's okay."
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