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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 05:07 PM
Number of posts: 5,897

Journal Archives

If Trump continues to run his campaign like he has run the Covid response,

Hopefully he will have the same kind of success.

Florida DID NOT set a new record today

Only 10,049 new cases....Sunday has been a traditional under-reporting day.

Old News! Florida sets new daily record.....

Nearly 11,500 new cases. Desantis and Trump are really winning now! In two weeks we will be able to see a new 4th flood and the death toll from this past week kicking in.

Still, no state order for face masks. Governance by ignorance; see a problem, ignore a problem. Making America Great Again Republican style!

Desantis tells us that the virus is something we just have to live with

That may be true, but we don't have to live with him.

Just watched Barr on Face the Nation

In the South, we have a phrase that describes him perfectly, he is "A lying sack of shit."


The estimated number of American servicemen who gave their lives on D-day, 76 years ago today. Thanks to them, and their generation, we can sit and safely complain about the horrible leadership we live under today.

Here we are, after 76 years, facing the rise of Fascism again, this time the enemy is not across the ocean but occupies the halls of our government. How will history remember our generation is up to us.

How is reopening working in Florida?

This week, Florida reopened all businesses; Local news headline this morning: Florida sets new daily record for Corona virus cases.

Apparently the virus has not received the memo that it has been defeated.

Summer social forecast

It is going to be a long hot summer with widespread thunder storms likely.

Trump has not contracted Covid-19 because

Covid has higher standards then the Republican Party.

I invite alternative opinions.

I wonder what the White House doctor explains to Trump

what the "M" on Trump's multi-colored Corona virus tablets stands for? Miraculous? Mighty? Does he get them with or without peanuts? The world wants to know.
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