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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 04:07 PM
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A couple of questions for the better educated readers

I have no economics background and am totally ignorant as to how macroeconomics work.

The government is about to flood the economy with money. I understand that they are trying to do good in a time of crisis and it sounds good to me as a high school educated tradesman. I understand that people are desperate after losing their paychecks, an I have a very charitable heart for workers, and it seems like the only right thing to do.

In my personal situation, I am retired, and live off of a small savings and a small pension, backed up by Social Security. I have been confident that I have enough resources to get by, in the modest lifestyle I am accustomed to, for the few years I have left, unless the value of my savings, home and income are wiped out by inflation.

Is this flood of money going to cause hyperinflation when the virus ends, or is it "chump change" to the government? It is my understanding that the government went into this deep in "credit card debt" and has virtually no "savings account." Has Uncle Sam been hiding trillions of dollars under the mattress or are they buying paper and green ink by the trainload, essentially counterfeiting money? Is the National government's going to go bankrupt because the government got sick without having enough savings or insurance to pay the hospital's debt collector?

I remember seeing photos of people in the Wiemar Republic, following WWI, buying bread with wheelbarrows full of cash. (which paved the road to the rise of the Nazis) Of course there are some people in this country who will have wheelbarrows full of cash to burn through, they will be fine come what may. In fact, it opens opportunities for those folks to buy up everything.....What happens to the rest of us?

I know some folks will say that during a medical crisis, it is not time to worry about such issues, and perhaps they are right. There may not be a damn thing we can do about it anyway. I am a "planner" (worrier) I have gotten through life by planning for things before they happen so I have to think about this kind of stuff.

We need to go back in time

I think that this would be something good to bring back for the victims of Trump's Virus.

Trump is winning

In the battle to portray himself as the hero of the Coronavirus. Every time he goes before the public bragging about the great job he has done, his lies and failures to act in time, needs to be rebuffed by Democrats. If he is able to continue pounding his message of how great a fantastic he is doing the public will follow. If a thousand people die, he will claim that because of him and his team he saved ten thousand from dying. If the markets go below ten thousand it will be because of Trump's heroic and beautiful actions that they did not fall to five thousand. Biden and Bernie need to be myth busting as hard as they can go rather than throwing rocks at each other.

Of course the Republicans would cry foul and be wringing of hands an pulling of hair, "at at time when we should be putting partisanship aside" while they continue boldly pushing a Hollywood fiction as the truth. If there is ever a time when Trump's failures need to be in the spotlight, it is now.

It is time for an all out offensive against this administration.

The talking heads on the Sunday news

Are talking about bailouts for the airlines, entertainment industries, cruise lines, etc.

As individuals, we have to save money if we want a safety blanket. We pay out the ass for insurance. If we do not prepare, we go down. If I don't carry insurance and a storm wipes out my house, I am shit out of luck. If I don't carry health insurance and I get really sick, the hospitals will hound me into the ground for their money.

In the markets it appears that as long as they are making money, everything is groovy. They sure as hell don't share out their winnings. When they lose they go crying to the government to bail their sorry asses with our money. Something is bad wrong with our system. If we can't afford health care we can't afford to bail out rich people.

If industries pay out too much in dividends and don't keep a reserve, to hell with them. let them loose their business to failure to prepare. Someone else will take up the slack and sink or swim on their own merits. Let the big boys suffer for a change. Their trickle down theories have been working to steadily drive the working people down. It is time we "trickled on their legs for a change.

It is not an entrepreneurial system without risk. There is no risk if they can depend on being bailed out.

Learn to pronounce
a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.
"many entrepreneurs see potential in this market"

The Senate will come back on Monday and throw peanuts at the working people, while the real money goes to the investors.
You can bet that Delta will be getting money from this disaster far before Dad will.

The country is shutting down

The overriding purpose of the government is collective security; Trump's government has failed miserably.

The country is doing a slow motion shut down because the government was not smart enough to accept, and act on, the early warnings to protect the nation from the virus, or have a plan to deal with the possibility of mass illnesses.

The present situation is much like a house fire; it would have been prudent and effective to call the fire department when the smoke was first seen rather than waiting for the house to be fully involved in flame. Instead, the government, without any investigation or evidence, kept saying the the smoke was from the BBQ grill, it is normal, and nothing to worry about. People Bar-B-Q every day.... We know that there will be house fires and we invest in systems to address the events to prevent the spread to the whole neighborhood, it was only a matter of time before a viral pandemic wold strike. We knew it would come.

So when the inevitable happened, instead of leadership is denial, censorship, and excuses and knee jerk reactions and went searching for the innocent to blame. Trump's continuing denials not only failed to help, but by convincing people that it was a hoax, and an attack on him personally and his presidency in general, he has contributed to the spread of the disease.

The deaths, the illnesses, the fear, the financial losses all rests on the shoulders of the President of the United States, who was unprepared either intellectually or emotionally to deal with a crisis. We will only be safe when the president has left the People's House.

You will love this NPR story


Greedy, crooked bastard.

Reuters story;


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday said he may declare the coronavirus pandemic an emergency by invoking a law known as the Stafford Act.

From hoax to emergency in a few short days.....The way to fix this problem is to give Trump more power. He brags about the powers he has that people don't know about.

For those who saw Trump twiddling his thumbs last night, I will tell you, it is what he has been doing for the last month.

I am seeing a Reichstag fire on Wall Street. Wait for it.

Trump has indicated

That he is willing to use the full power of the Federal Government, as necessary, to mitigate the health problem.

Here is the likely speech he will give: (just swap a few nouns)


Trump's delivery

Trump's delivery last night, was very untrumplike. I suppose he was trying to appear "Presidential," an act he couldn't pull off. His subdued monosyllabic delivery, without the usual attacks on his "enemies" was a bit disconcerting. I am not sure that it was really Trump speaking, but perhaps some sort of automaton driven by artificial unintelligence. At a time that we need dynamic leadership, we got Trump.

The fool may have come to a realization that the flu is a real issue, and knows that he has no solutions other than to try to divert more of our money to the rich.

Stopping travel from Europe reminds me of the old song, "Too Much, Too Little Too Late." He needed to do something, because he has nothing. News Flash D.J., the cat is already out of the bag. He has run up against a problem that he can't sue, bully, or buy his way out of and he is dazed and confused. He has nothing. We are sailing in very dangerous waters with no captain at the helm.

This is what the people get when they elect their leaders based on emotion.

Make America Great Again

Tax cut? Help me..

In a response to the virus, Trump wants to suspend payroll taxes to boost the economy.

Help me out, I do not understand how this helps people with the illness.

If you are working, you are probably feeling safe and are not ill, and are still getting your normal income.

If you are not working you are not paying payroll taxes so a tax cut helps nothing.

If you cut the payroll taxes without cutting the taxes, it will be hell to pay next April. (after the elections)

What is the theory behind the proposed Trumps tax suspension?

Who is really going to get the $800,000,000 Trump is talking about?
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