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Chainfire's Journal
Chainfire's Journal
July 31, 2021

Temps here going to 98 F here today, with a humidity of 85%

Outside will feel like you are wearing a hot, wet blanket. Yesterday was miserable but today will be worse. The air appears to be full of smog, but it is just steam. It is a premature welcome to August in the Deep South. Walking the dog will be a challenge for an old guy.

Heat Index Temperature: 155°F (69°C or 342K)

Extreme danger: at this condition, heat stroke is imminent.

Air Temperature

Fahrenheit °F
Relative Humidity

July 29, 2021

Honest customer service recording:

Greetings! Your call is not very important to us, or we would have had a person take it. We know that you want something, but we don’t really care, so we have designed a system of progressive menus that will not provide you with the option that you need and in the end, will circle back to this message in the hope that you will get frustrated and just hang up. If you want "customer service" call a prostitute.

July 21, 2021

We are now, what, three weeks from Trump's reinstatement?

Have you all made your party plans for the inauguration?

July 20, 2021

We can finally quantify the craziest of the right-wingers.

Reading an article about the Arizona fraud stunt, the author mentions a survey that says that 62% of Republican Arizonians polled believed that Trump won in AZ. But the really crazy cult of 25% believe that Trump will be reinstated. I suspect that those numbers would translate to the most of the rest of the nation.

So, basically, while all Republicans are evil, 25% are bat-shit crazy. The funny part is that the Party has to cater to them because they can not win without them.

As a side note, the article I read did not expect a final report from the fraudit because the point was to continue the conspiracy rather than produce a result. As long as there is no final report, Trump can continue to claim anything he wants to about the "audit."

I think that even most liberals underestimate how serious the Republican threat is to our Representative Democracy....

July 7, 2021

Celebration: Today is the last day of my first 50 years of marriage.

All and all, I can say that I highly recommend the institution.

The day we were married, I had just turned 19 and my wife was 17. My family objected, the neighbors was sure that my wife was pregnant. (it took ten years to deliver) and my older sister cried because she thought that I was making a terrible mistake. My friends were betting on divorce within six months.

My wife's father's only demand in agreeing to allow the marriage, was that she would finish high-school. Seven years later she got her master's degree, with honors, but the old man did not live to see it. My wife worked days and went to school nights, she had far more courage than I did. I learned a skilled trade and made a good living at it and it kept us above water through the first few years.

In the beginning, we were so poor that we could not afford to pay attention, but the struggles bound us even tighter. Neither of our families were in a position to help us financially so we had no safety net, it was sink or swim; we chose to swim. We worked very hard and after four years of renting we bought our first home. It wasn't a mansion, but it wasn't on wheels either!

We raised two very good children, one of each flavor. Both are well educated and successful in their middle age. We worked ourselves into a strong middle class lifestyle and we are now enjoying a nice retirement, free of struggle and still deeply in love. Through all of the struggles that life presents, I always knew that I had a strong and loving partner who had my back.

The anniversary is very important to the both of us, but we will celebrate in a very low-key manner. Instead of a big shebang with the accompanying drama and demands, we are going to go antique shopping and have a very nice dinner out.

If I died before I finish typing this, I could have no complaints, I have had a good life with a wonderful, smart, loving partner. It has been a really good run, now we are setting our goal on the Carter's record!


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