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Member since: Fri Feb 28, 2020, 02:52 PM
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Just had a MAGA Tax Assessor come to my property for a revaluation.

She pulls up in my yard with a magnetic sign on her car stating who she was. I went outside to call off my barking dog (we live out in the country...dogs are free agents here) and she told me what she was here to do. I asked if she needed to come inside, she said no, and that she'd only be a moment and didn't mean to bother me.

I said "I'm fine with whatever you need to do: I'm not anti-government"

She said "Boy I AM anti-government!!! Especially since 2020!"

I said "why is that?"

She said "because they're all evil!!"

I said "I sure don't think so! They're just like you and me! They're our friends and neighbors, and they're just doing their jobs, just like you're doing now!"

She lowered her voice and said "well, I think they're evil, but I'll just be a minute and I'll be out of your hair".

FINALLY!!! Alex Wagner (MSNBC 9PM) CALLED OUT the lying right wing media. Full stop!!!

I wasn't a huge fan of hers....maybe a little Rachel jealous/grieving...but tonight? Alex Wagner is my new total all-time hero! She nailed fux nooz for their leadership in lies for all the rightwing media followers, and their total destructive force against democracy.

If you missed her show...catch it on YouTube or wherever you possibly can. She totally rocked the truth! FINALLY!! She called the lying media for what it is. It does my soul good.

Now I'm going to go to bed. And I'm going to have more peace in my soul.

WTF??? MSNBC keeps showing Trump's picture behind the pundits!!

He’s not on any ballot. He’s a disgrace. Get his damned face off there!!

Alex Wagner has totally lost a viewer. WTF is she doing trying to act like the college

loan forgiveness is going to trash the democrats' chances in November? She was all up in arms because Biden (RIGHTFULLY) said MAGAts are trending semi fascists. There's nothing fucking "soft" about it! They are mostly white "christian" nationalists, and they're shooting democrats all over the place!

I can't stand how she was fishing for how badly Joe Biden is doing.

NO! NO! NO! No protection for the supremes until we have protection against ASSAULT RIFLES!! CRAZY,


Those 9 justices can be replaced far more easily than our kids! It is insane and infuriating that the house and senate would even CONSIDER taking up those bills to protect the 9 adults on the supreme court before they would protect 335 MILLION citizens. Are the supremes more precious to the USA than our kids? Our people of color? Our LGBTQ friends? Our mall goers? Our grocery store shoppers? And the people who just want to go to church and find peace?

NO!!! Vote these bastards out of the house and senate for even considering such legislation BEFORE taking care of the underlying problem! I'm so friggin' sick and tired of the house and senate deciding who's valuable and who's not.

If they pass gun control, it would take care of the supremes, too.

I live out in the country where guns are always sounding. But today, a minute ago it sounded

like a friggin' cannon went off. Shook the windows 1/4 mile away. WTF are these people using to "target practice" with?

What kinds of weapons are illegal in this country? Wow!!! It just happened again! Huge boom! How does the FBI know who is a threat?

This shit scares me to death. My dogs are hiding under the house. I might join them.


That's a pretty cool date, if you ask me!

Just read a Reuters article that has me incredibly upset: Supreme Court Shadow Docket

I did not know about any of this. In the middle of the night, the VERY ACTIVIST, VERY RIGHT WING Supreme Court is making rulings in secret, for all practical purposes.

According to the article, during the 16 years of the GW Bush and Obama administrations, there were only 8 shadow docket requests, 4 of which were granted/approved. During the 4 years of the trump administration, there were 41 cases...28 of which were approved. And they're planning to undo many of Biden's policies.

The 'shadow docket': How the U.S. Supreme Court quietly dispatches key rulings

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In the months before former President Donald Trump left office in January, the U.S. Supreme Court briskly paved the way for the lethal injection of 13 federal inmates, the first federal executions in 17 years.

In many of those cases, the court summarily overturned lower court rulings using an obscure legal procedure known as the “shadow docket.” But the short-circuit approach, intended only for emergencies, isn’t reserved for death penalty cases. It has, in the last four years, significantly changed the way the high court does business.

Increasingly, the court relies on the shadow docket to make decisions in a wide range of consequential cases, often in a dramatically accelerated fashion and without providing signed opinions or detailed explanations. Sometimes, as in death penalty cases, the decisions are irreversible.


The public generally sees the court as sorting out matters of national importance through extensive briefing, oral arguments and lengthy rulings that explain the law. But the number of substantive shadow docket decisions rose dramatically during the Trump administration. In those four years, the government filed shadow docket applications at 20 times the rate of each of the two previous eight-year administrations. The high court granted the government’s requests in a majority of cases.


Christina Greer was AWESOME on Ali Velshi tonight.

She hit every single point right on the head with incredible clarity. I was so impressed. I mean, she's always good, but tonight she hit her stride and blew me away.

On edit: Ali Velshi was in for Lawrence O'Donnell.

IMPORTANT information about science & technology behind these COVID Vaccines

This is a well written and easily understood article behind the science and scientists who created the COVID vaccines, and the future of this technology to change ....well, everything when it comes to disease.

On December 23, as part of a publicity push to encourage people to get vaccinated against covid-19, the University of Pennsylvania released footage of two researchers who developed the science behind the shots, Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman, getting their inoculations. The vaccines, icy concoctions of fatty spheres and genetic instructions, used a previously unproven technology based on messenger RNA and had been built and tested in under a year, thanks to discoveries the pair made starting 20 years earlier.


The infection has killed more than 2 million people globally, including some of Weissman’s childhood friends. So far, the US vaccine campaign has relied entirely on shots developed by Moderna Therapeutics of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and BioNTech in Mainz, Germany, in partnership with Pfizer. Both employ Weissman’s discoveries. (Weissman’s lab gets funding from BioNTech, and Karikó now works at the company.)

Unlike traditional vaccines, which use live viruses, dead ones, or bits of the shells that viruses come cloaked in to train the body’s immune system, the new shots use messenger RNA—the short-lived middleman molecule that, in our cells, conveys copies of genes to where they can guide the making of proteins.


Pivoting to vaccines did have a drawback for Moderna. Andrew Lo, a professor at MIT’s Laboratory for Financial Engineering, says that most vaccines lose money. The reason is that many shots sell for a “fraction of their economic value.” Governments will pay $100,000 for a cancer drug that adds a month to a person’s life but only want to pay $5 for a vaccine that can protect against an infectious disease for good. Lo calculated that vaccine programs for emerging threats like Zika or Ebola, where outbreaks come and go, would deliver a -66% return on average. “The economic model for vaccines is broken,” he says.

On the other hand, vaccines are more predictable. When Lo’s team analyzed thousands of clinical trials, they found that vaccine programs frequently succeed. Around 40% of vaccine candidates in efficacy tests, called phase 2 clinical trials, proved successful, a rate 10 times that of cancer drugs.

(Emphasis mine)

The whole article is well written and touches on so many of the issues we're dealing with. We have a lot of work to do on our government!


Ooops! I forgot to post the link!!
Here it is:

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