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BComplex's Journal
BComplex's Journal
April 24, 2024

Couldn't Judge Merchan make trump spend NIGHTS in jail for contempt, and order him back to court

during the day?

I've heard it speculated that trump is itching for Merchan to charge him for breaking the gag order by imprisoning him, and that Merchan doesn't want to imprison him for the customary 30 days because he doesn't want to delay the trial by not having trump present. But can't Merchan make trump stay overnight in jail for the duration of the trial without delaying anything?

March 29, 2024

I have noticed an increase in the Israel/Palestine posts in the past week, after a few weeks

of fewer of those threads. Along with those threads, there seem to be a lot of posters who I'm not familiar with seeing here on a regular basis, even though they show a fairly high post number.

These threads are, once again, becoming more divisive and, well, snarky, after there was a noticeable lull in that type of thread.

This is concerning to me. The Israeli/Palestinian issue is one that cannot, and will not, EVER be resolved on DU. But it would go a long way toward making this election season run more smoothly if both sides can walk back some of the snark and accusatory posts.

We are here to fight for our own democracy. We need to try to be more measured in the way we approach our fellow democrats in order to get through this. Fellow DUers are NOT the enemy.

January 23, 2024

I had to turn off Jen Psaki tonight. She kept talking over gov. Sununu. Sounds like chicken squawks.

I hated this about Tweety. I hate hate hate it about fux nooz and right wing media. But when you're talking over a guest on your show, or a guest on your show is talking over you, it isn't an interview; it's chicken squawks fighting in the hen house, and it grates on the nerves, eardrums and the brain.

When I saw she was going to take over for Rachel, I just left the tv and came to the computer room.

I started off being a huge fan, when she was Biden's press secretary, and glad that she joined MSNBC. It's kind of gone down hill from there.

April 4, 2023

Just had a MAGA Tax Assessor come to my property for a revaluation.

She pulls up in my yard with a magnetic sign on her car stating who she was. I went outside to call off my barking dog (we live out in the country...dogs are free agents here) and she told me what she was here to do. I asked if she needed to come inside, she said no, and that she'd only be a moment and didn't mean to bother me.

I said "I'm fine with whatever you need to do: I'm not anti-government"

She said "Boy I AM anti-government!!! Especially since 2020!"

I said "why is that?"

She said "because they're all evil!!"

I said "I sure don't think so! They're just like you and me! They're our friends and neighbors, and they're just doing their jobs, just like you're doing now!"

She lowered her voice and said "well, I think they're evil, but I'll just be a minute and I'll be out of your hair".

January 21, 2023

FINALLY!!! Alex Wagner (MSNBC 9PM) CALLED OUT the lying right wing media. Full stop!!!

I wasn't a huge fan of hers....maybe a little Rachel jealous/grieving...but tonight? Alex Wagner is my new total all-time hero! She nailed fux nooz for their leadership in lies for all the rightwing media followers, and their total destructive force against democracy.

If you missed her show...catch it on YouTube or wherever you possibly can. She totally rocked the truth! FINALLY!! She called the lying media for what it is. It does my soul good.

Now I'm going to go to bed. And I'm going to have more peace in my soul.

November 8, 2022

WTF??? MSNBC keeps showing Trump's picture behind the pundits!!

He’s not on any ballot. He’s a disgrace. Get his damned face off there!!

August 26, 2022

Alex Wagner has totally lost a viewer. WTF is she doing trying to act like the college

loan forgiveness is going to trash the democrats' chances in November? She was all up in arms because Biden (RIGHTFULLY) said MAGAts are trending semi fascists. There's nothing fucking "soft" about it! They are mostly white "christian" nationalists, and they're shooting democrats all over the place!

I can't stand how she was fishing for how badly Joe Biden is doing.

June 9, 2022

NO! NO! NO! No protection for the supremes until we have protection against ASSAULT RIFLES!! CRAZY,


Those 9 justices can be replaced far more easily than our kids! It is insane and infuriating that the house and senate would even CONSIDER taking up those bills to protect the 9 adults on the supreme court before they would protect 335 MILLION citizens. Are the supremes more precious to the USA than our kids? Our people of color? Our LGBTQ friends? Our mall goers? Our grocery store shoppers? And the people who just want to go to church and find peace?

NO!!! Vote these bastards out of the house and senate for even considering such legislation BEFORE taking care of the underlying problem! I'm so friggin' sick and tired of the house and senate deciding who's valuable and who's not.

If they pass gun control, it would take care of the supremes, too.

March 26, 2022

I live out in the country where guns are always sounding. But today, a minute ago it sounded

like a friggin' cannon went off. Shook the windows 1/4 mile away. WTF are these people using to "target practice" with?

What kinds of weapons are illegal in this country? Wow!!! It just happened again! Huge boom! How does the FBI know who is a threat?

This shit scares me to death. My dogs are hiding under the house. I might join them.

February 2, 2022


That's a pretty cool date, if you ask me!

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