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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 3,702

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The Cowards Are Going To Vote Under Cover Of Late Night

And just in time for the Friday before a Holiday weekend.

What a way to honor the countries' heroes on Memorial Day.

I wish ALL of these TRAITORS were Six Feet Under.

Number Of Weapons & 100's Of Rounds Found At Shooter's Home

has been named as the shooter behind the early morning massacre at a Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) yard in San Jose on May 26. He was an employee at the yard, police have confirmed.

The shooting was sparked by "a workplace issue", officials claimed, adding that the gunman set fire to his own house before driving to the VTA yard and opening fire. Police have not yet publicly linked the arson call to the shooting.

A number of weapons and "hundreds of rounds of ammunition" were found inside his home, the sources said.

I'm Shocked!

At Least 6-7 Dead In Shooting At San Jose, CA Transit Yard Union Meeting

Breaking now.

CNN starting to cover incident.

Shooter reportedly deceased.


I guess people objected to my post, so I'll delete it.

I'm Surprised How Quickly 38% Fully Vaccinated Became 100%

Apparently bars and restaurants nationwide are now packed with customers, NONE of them wearing masks.

Who could have seen this coming?

What a Pathetic country we are. Filled with Ignorant, Selfish, Arrogant, Spoiled citizens, who couldn't care less about anyone other than themselves and their FREEDUMBS!!!

With No More Masks Required, What Do You Think Final America Vaccinated % Will Be

Dr. Fauci had said Herd Immunity would require roughly 80% to be vaccinated. IMO, that ship has sailed.

Personally, I think that we'll end up with between 60-70% full vaccinated. Since I'm a glass half full type of guy, especially given everything America has demonstrated they're capable of when it comes to handling a deadly pandemic, I'm going with the lower end of that range.

My prediction. 64% when all is said and done. I give it maybe a 20% chance of exceeding 70%.

I Will Be Skipping Tonight's SNL

They couldn't find someone to host other than a MAGA Billionaire who fought California's Covid restrictions?

It will probably suck as usual anyways.

On Wednesday, We'll See What A Joke The Reference To "United" States Of America Is

United? Are you frickin' kidding me?

Only this year, it will be All the Democrats rising to applaud every couple of minutes, while the repubs get a chance to sit and relax for more than an hour. They'll probably stand once or twice though, if/when President Biden says what a wonderful country America is, or when he mentions our military serving overseas. Support Our Troops seems to be the ONLY thing our leaders can unite on.

I only use the term America going forward, because the last thing we are is United. And with the rhetoric being spewed, I don't see that changing during my lifetime.

3 Dead Overnight At Wisconsin Bar - 3 Dead Today After Domestic Dispute In Austin, TX


How About A Program To Trade In Your Hazardous Peloton In Exchange For An AR-15?

Personally, I would feel a whole lot safer having a gun around the house with children, than a deadly Peloton.
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