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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 3,680

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So Passing A Fake $20 Bill Warrants A Gun Being Pointed At You?

I guess only when you're black.

Side Note: Gaetz Proposed In December 2020, And Is Currently Engaged

I wonder what his fiance thinks about all this.

But who cares. Anyone who even dates a dipshit like him, let alone gets engaged, deserves Everything she must be going through.

I'm laying a bet down right now that this whole relationship crumbles before long.

I Have A Money Saving Idea For The MSM In Regards To Mass Shootings

Instead of paying all of these pundits and analysts to come on to discuss the latest Shooting Du Jour, why not just roll tape from any number of post-mass shooting discussions over the last months or years?

Seriously. The news coverage and commentary is IDENTICAL every single time. Only the name of the perpetrator and the names of the victims change from incident to incident.

At this point, I'm almost wishing for one of these analysts to be honest and when asked what should be done, and whether this mass shooting will result in a change, to respond....."Why does it matter? Nothing is going to happen Don. This shooting will fade away in a few days, and the victims will be forgotten. It won't be the last time, there will be MANY, MANY more to come. It's what America has been, what it is, and what it shall be henceforth."

We like our guns, we like to watch as people are murdered week after week after week, and pretending that a soon to be forgotten case like this one will make a difference, is Farcical. The life of the officer, and the lives of the 9 other victims, are meaningless. Some thoughts and some prayers, to show that their lives mattered, and then it's a load off, so we can comfortably move on. Except for those HUNDREDS who knew and loved the victims, or the ones who bore witness to the shooting itself. They will never be able to truly Move On.

Thoughts & Prayers

Or am I too late?

Don't Expect Those Killed In Boulder, CO To Matter

Just another MASS SHOOTING in an American city.

It will be replaced with a new news story by the weekend.

And by a MASS SHOOTING in a different American city by next month.....or next week.

We accept SEDITION and STORMING THE CAPITOL, why should we give a shit about this?

We're a pathetic country. Nothing is learned. Nothing changes. More senseless death and carnage.

WHAT IS THE ANSWER????? It seems like in inescapable reality.

It feels so hopeless, like this country is not worth saving.

This Boulder, CO Press Conference Is A Waste

The only information they seem to care about releasing, is the fact that an officer was killed.

No mention of how many other fatalities. There are online sources saying a total of 6 dead.

Police Press Conferences Never Start On Time

The one in Boulder was supposed to start 50 minutes ago, and was delayed until 6:00 MST, then 6:30 MST, and now it's being delayed again.

Whenever I hear that one is coming up, I add 30-60 minutes to the quoted time.

Once it occurs, I'm sure they won't be able to answer any questions, and will give extremely limited information anyways.

MSM won't report what is already known through other online sources. At least 6 dead, including a police officer.

So They Really Held A Religious Sunday Service In Front Of The Golden Idol At CPAC This Morning?

I thought I heard this on the news earlier, but I had to turn it off so I wouldn't have to listen to a day full of analysis.

Have we actually arrived at Life Imitating Art Imitating Life, with Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments caught in the middle?

Officers: "Mr. Woods Was Conscious & Alert"

Able to converse with Officers on scene before transport to hospital.

Injuries believed to be non-life threatening.

Dr. Fauci Alert

He'll be on MSNBC with Joy, today at 7:00 EST

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