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KS Toronado

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Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 2,819

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Trump quote this morning.......

Trump said, "we're going after Virginia, with your crazy governor. They want to take your Second Amendment away. You'll have no one guarding your potatoes."

Yes, dumpie thinks farmers sit around all day with their shotguns guarding their potatoes, what an idiot!

Schwarzenegger has degree from trump university

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was addressing graduates, he stressed that their experiences were what mattered, not the degree itself: “You are celebrating that journey today, not just a piece of paper that you hang on the wall. This is nothing.” Then he held up a degree from Trump University, mocking the fact that a degree from Donald Trump’s fraudulent and since-shuttered online university is worth literally nothing. Found this at Palmer Report, here's the link


Found it on Youtube at 10:45 ......

Wagle is going off the rails with her power grab

Quote from Hayspost.........“We won’t allow one dictator to determine everything,” said Senate President Susan Wagle, a Wichita Republican, frequent Kelly critic and U.S. Senate candidate."

Yes Susan it takes one to know one, you're the DICTATOR, dictators care more about power and politics than human lives. She is following the GOP playbook word for word instead of listening to health and science officials all in an attempt to gain name recognition before election. Health and science officials are saying opening up the economy to soon would result in a second wave worse than the first. It saddens me that one of our major political parties cares more about what the oligarchs want (money/profit) than the voters. They forget there's more of us than them.

We need to work to vote every republiCON out of office to save this country. And it can't happen soon enough.

Ks Dept of Health & Education/ Gov Kelly

I just sent this email to the Ks Dept of Health & Education/ Gov Kelly per their respective websites as noted below, with one slight change to Gov. Kelly's also noted below. Almost everywhere in the world more & more countries are wearing face coverings except in the good ole USA. Why? Countries with infection rates lower than one tenth of one percent required their citizens to wear masks very early on and saved lives no doubt. I would like everyone who sees this to copy and paste to Gov. Kelly, shorten it, or add to it, and share it on social media with everyone you can. Lets fill her email box from people who want to see some progress against this disease......Right here is something I should have had in my original email to her........... Plus down the road the TV pundits will be pointing out how she saved lives by being first governor to require facial coverings in public. Plus down ballot (Senator,etc) races this Nov would be enhanced turning this state more blue. So please use what I have as a template, erase what you don't like and add what you feel needs to be said also and then spread it far and wide. Oh and post your new improved version to share with people.

When I go to the grocery store only a few people are wearing masks and generally are retired people like myself. Looking at countries who have kept their numbers low per population, they have all required masks in public, why can't we apply what they've learned into practice? I'll bet the citizens of Dodge City and Liberal are now wishing everyone had been wearing one this past month. Go ahead and tell everyone it's OK to go back to work W/O a mask and find out how many people refuse to even go to their favorite restaurant because others are not protecting themselves and others. Please encourage Gov. Kelly to require masks in public to slow the numbers down. Doctors and Nurses won't work W/O them, why should I go out to spend money anywhere when I fear for my life from the "I ain't wearing no damn mask" people? I'll just stay home! Are you wearing a mask? Why can't everyone help you avoid getting COVID-19?



Please encourage/require everyone Gov. Kelly to ..........

Please share this with others

'There is a way we could identify more patients who have Covid pneumonia sooner and treat them more effectively — and it would not require waiting for a coronavirus test at a hospital or doctor’s office. It requires detecting silent hypoxia early through a common medical device that can be purchased without a prescription at most pharmacies: a pulse oximeter.'

This is just the start of a long article in the NYT by a covid-19 Doctor, he's basically saying a reduction in blood oxygen levels is the FIRST sign people will have if infected by the coronavirus. Normal levels are 90-100, he stated if your level drop's below normal, GO IMMEDIATELY to your doctor/hospital. Catching the disease in the early stages promotes faster recovery.

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