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KS Toronado

KS Toronado's Journal
KS Toronado's Journal
April 27, 2024

If & when the next Presidential Debate happens

We should demand that the moderator's only functions will be as time and peace keepers.
(Maybe allow them a few questions.)

No more asking predetermined questions that were handed out prior to the debate so candidates can
brush up on a subject.

A moderator would never ask " If elected, is your goal to be President for life?"
"Why did you destroy all the transcripts of your meetings with Putin?"
"Why didn't you call out the National Guard on Jan 6th?"
"Is it true you wanted protesters shot so you could walk across the street and hold a bible up?"
"Why did so many of our undercover secret agents disappear right after you asked for a list of them?"
And the list goes on & on, but you get the idea.

Why not get down & dirty in the mud pit, watch 2 guys ask and answer questions only from each other?
Let's see who can think on his feet and is knowledgeable about things necessary to be Commander in Chief.

Plus we know TSF would never agree to these terms, he'd demand prior knowledge of the softball questions
he'd be asked. Then we'd have a huge talking point... "Why is he afraid to debate?"

April 25, 2024

TSF holding his Diaper in the Court Room

April 24, 2024

TSF's family showed up in court today!

And look, some even smiled!
April 21, 2024

Went to auction Saturday because of one picture on auctioneer's website

Had a large group of 5 gallon oil cans and this Derby one was looking brand new with a 60's logo. When I
started looking at them, up popped a Derby can with their first logo on it (30's?) and both the tops and
bottoms of both still looked brand new, both had very very minor paint loss with vivid colors. Bought both
of course, oh and check out what else happened at the auction. .....

How I got a magat to totally shut up


Picture is of the newer one.

April 21, 2024

How I got a magat to totally shut up

Was at an auction Saturday 60 miles from home when a stranger and I started talking about the auction and
weather and who we were and from, to feel him out I said "Sure looks like tRump's in trouble"

He went off on me like I was a Liberal (he got that right) with all the FQX/GOP talking points how Biden has
weaponized the law against his lord and savior all to win the election etc, etc, etc

He went on about how corrupt our legal system is today, this coming from a active duty police officer who
I'm sure has gone into courtrooms to testify. So to calm him down I said.......

"HEY, I'm a registered republican and we know the rich and powerful always tend to get away scot free" at this
he calmed down like a turned off light bulb and agreed with me, then I hit him..........

"But you know what they're charging him with is basically all the same stuff they charged his lawyer Michael
Cohen with and he got several years in jail, sure be interesting if he runs for President from jail"

At that point he walked away looking confused and dumbfounded.

April 20, 2024

Hillary Meme

April 19, 2024

Women, 100 years ago

April 19, 2024

Hillary Meme

April 17, 2024

Need to do something with my bank savings account

since it draws very little money. Buddy has been telling me money markets are the way to go, he claims around
$300 profit every month from a $90,000 investment. Lady at my bank says no, CDs are the only way to go.
Asked how US Savings Bonds interest rate compare to their CDs and got more beating around the bush, she
was determined to get me into CDs like she was getting a commission, I walked out.

So where's the best place to put some presently unneeded money, money markets, CDs, or US Savings Bonds?
The bank's savings acct sure doesn't pay shit. Thanks in advance for useful information.

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