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Member since: Thu Mar 26, 2020, 10:50 AM
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Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Tennessee spike in young adult age group, ages 21-30


This is in Memphis area. They do not 0give much information, due to "privacy" concerns.

UIC Engineers Procuding face shiels in 20 seconds!


"As coronavirus cases continued to soar last weekend, Dylan Lynch got an urgent call from the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center: It desperately needed protective gear for workers who might be exposed to patients with the highly contagious and sometimes fatal disease.

By Monday, Lynch and two others came up with some help for a shortage that is plaguing hospitals across the country: a face shield made from thin plastic that could be manufactured at UICís Engineering Makerspace in 20 seconds."

Good old Yankee Ingenuity!

Bartlett (Memphis suburb) to extend shutdown till 4/3


Mighty big of them, hu?

Likely afraid "daddy" repuke gov Lee might not like it to be longer.

Prob is a large % of idiotic population here apparently sees such a short duration for "Safer at Home" non-essential closures and expects schools & businesses to reopen shortly after the expiration date on the order!

It will be interesting to see what Memphis & Shelby County leaders say & do after repuke Lee meets with them today. I hope they publicize any threats made to withhold funding or equipment if they don't lift shut down order.

Gov Lee to visit Memphis today


No other info available other than that the POS repuke is supposed to arrive at 2pm.

My best guess is that he is coming to harass the awesome proactive DEM leadership in both Memphis and Shelby County who were quick to issue "Safer at Home" non-essential shutdiwn orders!

Should send his ass to MS to visit the other repuke gov who values $ above people's lives!

Walgreens to offer Drive-Through Shopping


Cannot copy from article but basically Walgreens has come up with a short menu of items, including cough syrup, baby items, and groceries that will be available through drive-up pharmacy windows.

"In coronavirus fight, tri-state region around Memphis lacks coordination, joint strategy"


"In coronavirus fight, tri-state region around Memphis lacks coordination, joint strategy..."

Apologies, I cannot copy more from the article for some reason.

Arkansas Now at 349 Cases


"LITTLE ROCK, Ark. ó As of 4:50 p.m. on Thursday, the Arkansas Department of Health confirmed 349 COVID-19 cases throughout the state.

On Wednesday, March 25, Arkansas saw the largest increase of cases in one day with 76.


Key facts to know:

349 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Arkansas
1,868 total tests
1,519 negative test results
3 reported deaths
All public schools are closed until April 17"

I've long suspected trump virus in Arkansas. Waaay too many "flu" deaths reported in the past couple of months! I wish someone could/would investigate!

Worker at Kroger's Memphis Distribution Center Tests Positive


"Worker at Kroger's distribution center tests positive for coronavirus"

"One of the newest COVID-19 cases involves a worker at Kroger's distribution center who reported testing positive Thursday.

The Commercial Appeal reports the diagnosis will delay deliveries to stores.

Workers at the warehouse have been working seven days a week to get products to store shelves. Thursday, trucks were lined up, waiting to be unloaded."

Note: "The Commercial Appeal" quoted is a far right wing greed- fest rag, as its name implies.

But grocery stores here have been consistently empty for about 1.5 weeks. This will only add to the hoarding hysteria.

Healing thoughts to the infected worker!

Caution to switch from contacts to glasses


Thatís because wearing glasses can help you stop touching your face, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a key way any virus is spread, including the novel coronavirus currently spreading across the world.

Why contact lens?
Contact lens users not only touch their eyes to put in and remove their lens twice or more a day, they also touch their eyes and face much more than people who donít wear contacts, said Dr. Thomas Steinemann, a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.


Glasses may also provide a tiny bit more protection from any coronavirus virus particles floating in the air, Steinemann said, although itís more likely that youíd be infected via your mouth and nose than your eye.
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