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Wicked Blue

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Amazon workers begin voting in landmark US union push

Agence France-Presse
February 09, 2021

Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama have begun voting on whether to form the first American union at the e-commerce giant, an effort that could pave the way for further unionization in the United States at one of the world's most powerful companies.

Amazon is the second-largest employer in the US with an 800,000-strong workforce, most of whom are "essential workers" who cannot do their jobs from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

'There have been a series of protests around the United States on safety and working conditions at Amazon, with the pandemic increasing pressure on its distribution network even as profits soar.

Employees at its BHM1 facility in Bessemer, Alabama, notified authorities of their plan to unionize in November.


Navy Ship Didn't Enforce Social Distancing, Letting COVID Spread: Pentagon Watchdog

NBC News
Feb. 8, 2021, 2:04 PM EST
By Dan De Luce

Commanders of the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier failed to enforce social distancing and withdrew sailors too early from quarantine last year, aggravating an outbreak of COVID-19 among the ship's crew, according to a report from a Pentagon watchdog, NBC News reports.

The Roosevelt leadership also "allowed social gathering areas to remain open" and continued to conduct urine tests for illegal drugs despite the threat posed by the novel coronavirus and procedures outlined by the Navy, the Defense Department's inspector general said in a report released Monday.

The inspector general found that the Navy had appropriate plans in place to counter a potential outbreak of an infectious disease, but the leadership of the Roosevelt did not fully implement the required measures.

The Roosevelt had just completed a port call in Da Nang, Vietnam, when it reported the ship's first Covid case on March 24 last year. Over the course of the outbreak, 1,271 sailors, or about 27 percent of the 4,800-member crew, tested positive for Covid, according to previous statements by the Defense Department. One crew member died.


Women's Labor Force Participation Rate Hit a 33-Year Low in January, According to New Analysis

By Courtney Connley, CNBC

In January, another 275,000 women dropped out of the labor force, accounting for nearly 80% of all workers over the age 20 who left the workforce last month, according to a National Women's Law Center analysis of the latest jobs report.

This brings the total number of women who have left the labor force since February 2020 to more than 2.3 million, and it puts women's labor force participate rate at 57%, the lowest it's been since 1988, according to NWLC. By comparison, nearly 1.8 million men have left the labor force during this same time period.

Many of these women, says Emily Martin, VP for education and workplace justice at NWLC, have been forced to leave the workplace due to ongoing closures of schools and day care centers. These women, she explains, are not included in the calculated unemployment rate, which is already disproportionately high for women of color.

"To be counted as unemployed, you have to be looking for work," she tells CNBC Make It. "Those who have left the labor force are no longer working or looking for work so in some ways the unemployment rate is artificially lowered by the fact that it doesn't capture these millions of women."


Thank you to all the lovely souls who gave me hearts

A Third Of U.S. Families Struggle To Afford Diapers. This Bill Aims To Change That.

Huffington Post
By Alanna Vagianos

In the United States, 1 in 3 families struggle to provide enough diapers for their children ― often forcing them to choose between food and the vital child care item. Sometimes, it even keeps families from sending their kids to day care. Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) introduced a new bipartisan bill on Monday that aims to ensure every family can afford diapers.

The End Diaper Need Act of 2021, shared first with HuffPost, will assist low-income families that aren’t able to afford diapers for their babies or toddlers. For these families, the inability to access diapers can be a significant burden on their physical, mental and economic well-being. Infants use up to 12 diapers a day and toddlers use around eight diapers a day, averaging a cost of around $80 a month, according to the National Diaper Network.

“In the middle of a global public health crisis ― with so many families struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads ― the last thing parents should have to worry about is being able to buy diapers that are essential to the health and well-being of their children,” Duckworth told HuffPost. Sens. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) and Bob Casey (D-Pa.) are co-leads on the bill alongside Duckworth.

The bill will use three approaches to address the diaper need in minority and low-income communities around the country. First, the End Diaper Need Act will give $200 million to social services every year between 2022 and 2025, which will go toward diapers and other diaper supplies. The bill will also fund 200 medically necessary diapers per month for “medically complex children” through Medicaid. Lastly, the act will define diapers and diaper supplies as qualified medical expenses so that families can purchase them through their health savings accounts or health reimbursement accounts.


Germany, Sweden and Poland toss out Russian diplomats over Moscow expulsions

Source: France24

Germany, Sweden and Poland on Monday each threw out a Russian diplomat in retaliation for Moscow's expulsion last week of their diplomats for allegedly taking part in protests in support of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.

The three EU countries announced the tit-for-tat moves in coordinated statements, drawing an angry response from Russia which accused them of meddling in its internal affairs.

The diplomatic spat comes at a time of heightened tensions between the European Union and Russia, exacerbated by the arrest and jailing of leading opposition figure Navalny.

Russia humiliated the European Union on Friday by announcing the expulsions during a rare meeting in Moscow between EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Read more: https://www.france24.com/en/europe/20210208-germany-sweden-and-poland-toss-out-russian-diplomats-over-moscow-expulsions

Police: Partially Clothed Woman Breaks in to Virginia Home, Attacks Man With Pitchfork

NBCWashington/Associated Press

Authorities in Virginia say that a partially clothed woman broke into a Stafford County home and attacked a man with a pitchfork.

The Free Lance-Star reports that the woman was arrested Sunday after a scuffle with deputies.

Stafforf Sheriff’s Maj. Shawn Kimmitz said deputies went to a home in Stafford in response to a report of breaking and entering. He said that a half-naked, muddy woman had knocked down a door and attacked the resident.

Kimmitz said the man suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries after being jabbed in the arm with the pitchfork. He said she fled to a nearby home and attacked deputies after they arrived.


Heartfelt thanks!

Thank you so much for the hearts!

Less than 10% of Americans like QAnon

Analysis by Harry Enten, CNN
Updated 2:39 PM ET, Sun February 7, 2021

QAnon has been in the news a lot in recent weeks. Polling shows that many people at least partially blame it for the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, and it's a scary and dangerous conspiracy theory.

But we should be clear that it truly is a fringe movement. True QAnon believers are a very small percentage of the population. Republicans should have little electoral fear of speaking out against QAnon in particular, even if certain conspiracy theories (such as falsely believing Donald Trump lost reelection only because of fraud) have been prevalent in some circles.

Last month, the NBC News poll asked voters whether they had positive, negative, neutral or no views of QAnon. A mere 2% held positive views. The rest were either negative (42%), neutral (11%), or weren't sure or didn't know (45%).

Keep in mind here that this poll was taken after the US Capitol insurrection, when many blamed QAnon for spreading misinformation that in part led to the event.


Liz Cheney promises 'many, many criminal investigations' into Trump's 'assault' on the US Capitol

Raw Story
David Edwards
February 07, 2021

During an interview on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Cheney, who voted to impeach Trump, if she would also vote to convict the former president of insurrection if she were a U.S. senator.

"I would listen to the evidence," Cheney said. "The Senate trial is snapshot. There's a massive criminal investigation underway. There will be a massive criminal investigation of everything that happened on Jan. 6 and in the days before."

"People will want to know exactly what the president was doing," she continued. "They will want to know, for example, if the tweet he sent out calling Vice President Pence a coward while the attack was underway, whether that tweet, for example, was a premeditated effort to provoke violence. There are a lot of questions that have to be answered and there will be many, many criminal investigations looking at every aspect of this and everyone who was involved."

She added: "We've never seen that kind of assault by a president of the United States on another branch of government and that can never happen again."

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