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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Mon Aug 17, 2020, 08:54 PM
Number of posts: 109

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But of course it was harassment


Click it to tee the whole conversation. Plenty of decent people answering, but mostly it should make you ... VOTE!

If you haven't already like I did.

Ivanka Trump declares pro-life stance publicly for first time (NY Post)

Ivanka Trump declares pro-life stance publicly for first time

Motherhood has led Ivanka Trump to adopt an “unapologetic” pro-life stance, the first daughter said in an interview — her first public statement supporting the position.

The senior adviser to the president told Real Clear Politics her view on abortion has changed since her father’s first run for office in 2016.


No doubt the dead hand of her daddy is behind this announcement.

Halloween in Australia

Thirty second video of Trump make me want to scream ...

... so I post it here instead.

The Invisible Hand strikes again!

Facebook reports a decline in users in the U.S. and Canada (CNBC)

* Facebook stock remained relatively flat on Thursday after the company reported a decrease in users in the U.S. and Canada but moderate revenue growth in its third-quarter earnings.

* In the U.S. and Canada, Facebook’s user base fell to 196 million daily active users from 198 million a quarter earlier.

* The StopHateForProfit ad boycott did not seem to impact the company’s advertising revenue, which was up 22% compared to a year ago.


Dramatic capture operation of illegal Chinese fishing vessels in the Korea Sea

Senate advances Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett in near party-line vote ... (AP)


Refugees admitted to the USA.

The low numbers for 2020 are probably mostly the pandemic, but 2017 to 2019 definitely the result of Trump's immigration policy. So yeah no wall, but seriously a problem.

Transgender and non-binary voters face barriers ahead of the 2020 election (CBS)

Transgender and non-binary voters face barriers ahead of the 2020 election

The stakes are high for transgender voters ahead of the 2020 presidential election, and one major problem looming is the difficulty of securing appropriate identification. A UCLA study estimates that more than 965,000 transgender people will be eligible to vote, but out of the 45 states that conduct elections strictly in person, 42% of eligible transgender voters don't have the correct identification.

Noah Grey Rosenzweig, a 22-year-old trans man from Washington, D.C., told CBS News that when he goes to the polls, he has to bring an ID, which has the wrong name and gender marker. "It's a day of a lot of anxiety," Rosenzweig said. "I'm really hoping that I don't have to go through any of that and the ID is enough, that I look hopefully similar enough to my 5, 6-year-old ID at this point, that I don't run into any issues."


A lot of folks who are basically on the right side are not necessarily aware of this issue.

White House mulls slashing federal funds to cities labeled 'anarchist jurisdictions': report

White House mulls slashing federal funds to cities labeled 'anarchist jurisdictions': report (The Hill)

Trump administration officials have reportedly considered cutting millions of dollars for COVID-19 and other health programs in cities led by Democratic lawmakers that the Department of Justice has said "permit anarchy."

Politico reported late Tuesday New York City; Portland, Ore.; Washington, D.C.; and Seattle could lose funding for health programs that serve low-income residents, the elderly and others, according to documents it obtained. Nearly 200 health programs could face cuts from the Trump administration, it added.

A list sent to the White House budget office on Friday from the Department of Health and Human Services includes approximately 1,500 funding awards that have been given to the four cities since 2018, according to the news outlet.

The list covers 185 programs including everything from an initiative to end HIV transmission by the end of the decade to research into the opioid crisis and lung diseases, Politico noted. The list also includes funding for programs that provide hearing screenings for newborns in D.C. and nutritional services in New York City and more.

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