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Why hasn't Pope Francis apologized in Canada? Ask the bishops

It's easy to view the Catholic Church as a strict, obvious chain of command. While the church is hardly a democracy, authority is distributed in complicated ways. The pope is authoritative, but he respects the autonomy of local bishops. Without a collective invitation, the pope will not invite himself to a country out of respect for those bishops.

In other words, unless the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops requests the pope to come to Canada, no amount of political or moral pressure will get the pope on a plane. And since the bishops have not been unanimous when it comes to wanting a papal apology in Canada, the conference has stalled the process. The Canadian bishops may not always say this publicly, but it's not a secret in the church.

While several bishops have said they want a papal apology in Canada, and some have even tried to make it happen independent of unity within the conference, other bishops often appeal to flimsy excuses to deflect the fact that they have not, as a conference, extended the invitation. For example, in a recent CBC interview with Rosemary Barton, the archbishop of Toronto, Cardinal Thomas Collins, cited two major difficulties: the pope's age, and the complexities involved in high profile papal journeys.

These may indeed be difficulties, but they aren't insurmountable.

Interesting take. Not sure what I feel about it. But here it is

French statesman on the path to Sainthood.

An architect of European unity moves ahead on sainthood path

June 19, 2021

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Robert Schuman, a French statesman who paved the way for the bloc that eventually evolved into European Union, has moved ahead on the Catholic church’s path toward possible sainthood.

The Vatican said Pope Francis on Saturday approved a decree declaring the “heroic virtues″ of Schuman, a former prime minister, finance minister and foreign minister for France after World War II. In 1950, as foreign minister, he developed a plan to promote European economic unity in hopes of furthering peace.

Schuman died in 1963 after serving as the first president of the forerunner of the European Parliament.

The pope’s decision means Schuman can be called ”venerable” by the Catholic faithful. It is one of several steps in a usually long process that can result in sainthood.

The European Commission website describes Schuman as “one of the founding fathers of European unity,″ hailing him as ”the architect of the project of European integration.”


Read more: https://apnews.com/article/europe-sainthood-business-religion-government-and-politics-f37b84afccec3d2c65eaa8eec4164d6a

Today's Sermon on the Bishops

"No one who presents himself (at the altar) should be denied communion," said Father.

He went on to recount a story, as how a parishioner felt another parishioner should be denied communion, "because she's been married a few times."

The response: "If Jesus doesn't want her to receive the Eucharist, then let him stop her."

Non-believers, non-Catholics, please take note.

Welcome to the Catholic & Orthodox Group. This is a safe haven group where discussions about Catholicism and Orthodoxy take place in a forum free from gratuitous attacks or derision of religion and religious beliefs. There are other places for those who really like to do that. Our focus is on the beliefs and traditions of Catholicism and Orthodoxy. For the rest, welcome, and pax vobiscum. Peace be among you.

Constructive criticism of the politics of the Catholic hierarchy is permitted, but no incendiary attacks on the Catholic and/or Orthodox faiths will be tolerated.

I have seen more than a few posters violating these rules, and while everyone is welcome to their opinion, this is not the place for them. Please note where you are before making a post or responding. You are more than welcome to cross-post one of our links in Religion and discuss it there.

Thank you.

Look who's famous.


A mother was kicked out of the Crown Choice Inn and Suites by the hotel owner in Mackinaw City, Michigan after the toilet in her room flooded. The hotel owner is seen shouting at her and calls her a 'dumb Democrat' in his rant.
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