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halfulglas's Journal
halfulglas's Journal
May 6, 2022

Suggestion in discussion with person using RW talking points of punish the leaker.

Look really shocked and say, Oh my gosh! Do you really think they'll jail Ginni Thomas for this?

May 4, 2022

What is this reversal of Roe going to do HIPAA regulations?

When HIPAA came in while I worked in the medical field I had to watch a training film about confidentially and sign it twice yearly about confidentiality of anything I learned about patients. In these disgusting states that have bounties to enforce their antiwomen laws will these people who work in doctors' offices, ERs, etc. be fired if they snitch to the authorities their suspicion or outright knowledge of a woman needing an abortion? It just blows my mind that this might set back medical privacy 25 years. How are you going to enforce HIPAA privacy for some but not for everyone?

May 4, 2022

My vote for the leaker of the SP opinion.

I'm basing this on the fact that this is the first draft, not one of subsequent drafts, and the fairly wide speculation that it was a conservative who leaked to put pressure on the court members not to soften or moderate Alito's hard line. Most ex justice clerks claim it's unthinkable that the leaker was one of the clerks. Considering that it's the first draft, I'm thinking maybe a particular judge took it home and it fell into the hands of his wife who thinks since both she and her husband are interchangeable to do each other's jobs. She probably thinks it's her job to put pressure on the other judges now.

You guessed it, I'm placing my bet on Ginni Thomas.

March 20, 2022

Happy Birthday, Fred Rogers

He did more to spend kindness, curiosity and acceptance to my '70s children than anyone.

March 18, 2022

Does anyone know anything about collectible bottles?

I was trying to get some things together to post on Craigslist to get some cash to send for Ukraine and came across some old coke bottles found in the crawl space of my previous house by my adventurous son. I know, dumb moving them, right? But I had to be out before I could make some decisions on what to throw away.

Anyway, I came across them in my basement yesterday and remembered them. They are 5 green 6-ounce Coke bottles each one with a separate manufacture town and state embossed on the bottom. They are the old kind that needed a bottle opener to open. I know they aren't the real rare ones, because Coke was ubiquitous then and the bottles were everywhere. I figure from the age of the house they were from around the late 50s or 60s. There is also a clear bottle with a screw top.

I'd like to get some idea of what to ask for them.

I have a few things listed although still no inquiries and have a few other things ready to list. Mostly they're things I hate to throw away but want to get out of the house. It would be like found money, so I figure that would be paying it back to donate the proceeds.

January 24, 2022

The cover of People Magazine.

I was visiting my friend who lives in a senior condos building. She gets some of the popular magazines passed along to her by other residents of the building. We are having lunch and she holds up a People Mag and she's pissed. She asks if I can see what's wrong with the cover. It has Bob Saget on the cover. She had to point out to me that of the people on the cover who passed and they are paying tribute to Sir Sidney Poitier is up in the far right-hand corner while Bob Saget is front and center and also much larger print, in other words where the eye was immediately drawn. I had to agree once I even noticed it that although Bob Saget has made contributions to the public culture, the person who has made the largest contribution to entertainment and American society was made to look like an afterthought. I have come to realize as a senior that in those popular lists that get drawn up - the greatest movies, the greatest TV shows, greatest stars, etc., etc. so many of my favorites of my young and middle adulthood is slipping down on those lists, but that was a surprise that Sir Sidney wasn't given pride of place on People.

December 24, 2021

Happy Birthday, Dr. Fauci!

Courageous, unbowed, dedicated and diplomatic.

December 18, 2021

This may be a stupid question, but about those alternative news channels.

What does anyone think of those channels like Newsy, Newsnation, Cheddar, etc? I see them when scrolling through my cable channel listings. I don't watch Fox and occasionally caught a bit of a few of the even more RW ones when visiting my brother-in-law, but does anyone think these other ones are truly impartial like they try to push?

November 2, 2021

After being subjected to a zillion Medicare Advantage ads over the past month

What's the odds those medical corporations are a significant contributor to the lobbying against increased benefits for our regular Medicare benefits. It's too big a selling point to keep emphasizing they often cover dental, glasses, hearing aids and sometimes the drugs. Even though the coverage varies. They don't want to lose customers who will opt to go with regular Medicare.

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