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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 948

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Marc Elias asks that we support$ the League of Women Voters Florida as front-line fighters

against Ron DeSantis and his obscene voter suppression law.


if you can't give money right now, you can sign up for their email list and maybe you can give later

and give them a follow on social media

538: Liz Cheney voted with trump 93% of the time, Elise Stefanik only 70%. nt

On Lincoln Project livestream earlier, Rick Wilson says GOP will pick Jordan or Greene as Speaker

McCarthy thinks it will be him. Wilson says he's wrong.

Wilson points out that McCarthy has a lot of flaws in the view of trumpers. He's only 99% loyal and that is not enough. He wasn't radical the moment he entered Congress and that taints him.

These GOP nuts will want Jim Jordan or Marjorie Taylor Greene as speaker over him.

And then expect Joe Biden to be impeached.

He doesn't hold up much hope Dems can hold the House. Mostly because of redistricting.

He also says no one runs better campaigns than Mitch McConnell and we may lose the Senate too.

I have a sick sick feeling.

He also said it's a mistake to spend a ton of money on AOC because she will win. She does not need help.
Katie Porter will need help.

He also said Dems still not doing a good enough job winning lowest level races. County Commissioner. Sheriffs. School boards. These winners feed the state houses and we are losing state houses. State houses control redistricting

Don't sleep on California. Don't sleep on the Newsom recall.

God what a mess.

A CNN reporter went to interview voters in McCarthy's district

sickening and frightening

They mostly believe the Big Lie that the election was stolen. The reporter was even a little taken aback by how brazen they were.

And they all very much approve of Kevin McCarthy.

What on earth could you say to these people to shake their support of him?

What would you say to them in 2 sentences or less?

Amazing how they can look upon this abusive, lying smart ass and see something good.

the right has decided it is time to seize absolute permanent power, with trump as their truncheon

no voting

no organizing or advocating online

no demonstrating or speaking out in public

no rights for LGBTQ - no adoption, no medical care, no military service

no rights for non-whites

no public education

no infrastructure

the tyranny of one-party rule by fascist white supremacists.

they are SICK of democracy. they're sick of bothering with the charade. why should we have to - we're morally right! Let's just go the Handmaid's Tale Republic of Gilead route.

they want to take power and never look back.

I feel like we are surrounded on all sides by aggressive evil. nt

is Manchin still holding a grudge because Kamala came to WV "without his permission"??

Joe Manchin announces he is opposed to DC statehood


He knows a Constitutional amendment has zero chance and would take forever.

If Biden had not been elected, we would be India.

dark thought in the back of my mind: Rudy & Trump were planning an acid attack on Yovanovitch

Rounding up some anonymous Ukrainian thugs to commit this assault is exactly, in my opinion, something that violent vengeful trump would do. We know what he did to Ivana, his own wife, as an act of misplaced vengeance for scalp surgery gone bad.

And trump was furious with Yovanovitch for refusing to play along with his corruption.

trump runs in the same circles as mobsters. And eastern European thugs seem to specialize in this particular type of violence.

I have thought this ever since it was revealed trump said "She's going to go through some things."


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