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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,352

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How will the public react if GOP tries to put Dr. Fauci in jail

Just FYI: If you deactivate (quit) your twitter account, you have 30 days to get it back

All you have to do is log in again within 30 days of quitting and your account is restored. Meanwhile, it stands as a deactivation as far as twitter is concerned.

Just FYI, if you want to kind of hedge your bets. You can participate in a mass exit now, but have 30 days to see how things shake out if you want to go back later.

I don't feel bad. I feel good. We were threatened with losing our country -

we didn't. Not this time. We beat them back. We humiliated them. We mussed their hair. We roughed them up.

Let Kevin try to get stuff done with a 2 seat margin. That means he needs 100% attendance, and can't tolerate even 3 defections.

Defections from Rs in blue CA and NY districts whose constituents will not reward them for crazy.

And the more crazy shit they try to do - like persecuting Dr. Fauci - well that's just going to screw them again come 2024.

And now thanks to Bitecofer and others, we have a blueprint for how to fight and how to message. We have Jaime Harrison to help us raise money and allocate it well. We have Marc Elias and his team to help us fight in court. Success begets success. Success begets more donors. Success begets more candidates willing to run and fight.

There will be more and more horror stories coming out of the Dobbs decision that we will throw in their faces and force them to run on and defend.

And we know we are not alone. We are the majority, even though gerrymandering screwed us. We are the majority.

Would it have been great to get the House? Yes.

But I don't feel bad today. I feel good.


Kent is also a close political ally of Joey Gibson, the founder of the Christian nationalist group Patriot Prayer. Since establishing the group in 2016, Gibson has organized demonstrations in Portland, as well as the city’s Washington state suburbs, where he and his followers have clashed with left-wing groups. Many of the demonstrations were coordinated with the Proud Boys.

The often violent rallies organized by Gibson drew anti-government activists, extremists as well as white supremacists to unite in common cause — namely fighting left-wing activists.

Photos from the events archived online by the group Rose City Antifa demonstrate how in some cases Kent’s allies have associated with people who have expressed white supremacist views. In numerous instances, Gibson as well as Jorgensen, the Proud Boy on Kent’s payroll, were recorded standing next to Jacob Von Ott, who has posted racist and antisemitic views online and expressed admiration for the founder of the American Nazi Party.


Braynard, one of Kent’s top advisers, was the architect of a Washington, D.C., rally last year that sought to build sympathy for those arrested during the insurrection by rebranding them as “political prisoners.” Kent spoke at the rally, which was poorly attended.


It's not Hurricane Nicolle Wallace, right? Nicolle is coming for Florida.

That's what I keep thinking when I hear that.

Kotek as Gov means OR avoids odious MAGA freak Marc Theilman as chair of State Bd of Ed

Know this: PHIL KNIGHT is going to keep trying his dirty spoiler gambit every election

just like he did in this Oregon governor's race

trump stored classified stolen docs in CARDBOARD boxes in basement in hurricane-prone location

no little padlocks are going to keep out destructive flood waters and cardboard boxes won't protect documents

nor would they be protected during any post-storm chaos and looting


David Jolly just now MSNBC: "Biden needs to play this as a Dem win, NOT a split decision" "Crushing"

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