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Member since: Thu Jan 7, 2021, 04:31 AM
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Watching Local News about MSU shooting-- and SUSPECT confirmed DEAD!

Yes, 3 are announced dead as well as 5 more in the hospital with "life-threatening injuries"...
(Yeah, anytime you are SHOT it is a life threatening injury, IMHO)

I was never a student at MSU, but I have spent much time there... When I was college-age, I went there to participate in many political activities--- and yes, I went out there to party! Had a student girlfriend there for a while, who took me down into the basement of one of the residence halls, where they were supposed to "take shelter" in case of nuclear war (that was in the early 80's)... That sort of traffic has never stopped, and many non-students are often present on-campus and off, coming from outside East Lansing. Later in life I was a taxi driver, ferrying drunk students and non-students home when the bars closed, especially on Friday and Saturday nights-- they were the major source of my income. That is why am well aware of all the non-student traffic going in and out of MSU and East Lansing..

Presently, the MSU campus has been flooded with police for nearly 4 hours, but no suspect has been apprehended. They have released camera footage of the suspect, still photos thus far, which identify him as a "short" (so they say), but clearly African-American individual wearing a jean coat, red-orange shoes and a ballcap and mask. His face is totally obscured, in the photos I have seen. The only way he could be possibly identified in the photos I have seen, is from the clothing that he was wearing.

I have absolutely nothing to back this up-- other than intuition and personal experience with the area:

My best guess is, that this suspect is a non-student, who had connections with students on-campus... The first assault occurring in a classroom building may undermine that assumption, but I am loathe to believe that an AA student at the university has committed this crime. I could be wrong, but I do know that many AA's from outside the university make their way back and forth to MSU/East Lansing, and they are much more likely to be armed.... (One night when cleaning out my taxi, I found one or two shotgun shells spilled on the floor in back-- disturbing? lol)

In four hours, more than a hundred police have not been able to apprehend any suspect, as reported. I suspect the suspect had a vehicle parked somewhere, and he made his way to it on foot, and got the hell out of the area-- unless he had a residence somewhere nearby, and is himself "sheltering in place"....

The suspect may have been caught at Larch St. and Lake Lansing (in Lansing, about 5 miles away from the scene of the crime)--

and "may" have killed himself...

I hope it is accurate.

stupid newspeople "that is a long way away from the scene of the crime, if true, how did he get there??"

Obviously it is only a 10-15 minute drive, if you have a car....

(too close to my neighborhood now, he was headed in my direction... )

SO--- that is less than half a mile from my house, where the suspect purportedly killed himself.... an intersection I often visit-- to shop at the 'Quality Dairy', a convenience store--- directy across from them is a Dominos Pizza outlet... oddly enough, I sometimes visit it at about that time of night (shiver)

too damn close for comfort, right ???

Seems I was correct about the suspect getting the hell out of East Lansing after committing the crimes....
Whether it was a 'non-student' remains to be seen, but the direction of his flight would seem to back up my intuitive asserion... We shall see.

Just about 2 a.m., local law enforcement (MSU/East Lansing) announced that the deceased shooting suspect
"had absolutely NO official connection to the MSU community"-- not a student nor employee.

So it seems my intuition was correct.
I don't claim to be any kind of genius, but this IS my neighborhood...

It is very sad that the blood has come to my community, and the MSU community...
My sympathy goes out to those familes who are experiencing loss or injuries among family members.

I hope that there are no more deaths...

Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Tue Feb 14, 2023, 01:21 AM (10 replies)

President Biden WON the 2024 Presidential Election LAST NIGHT..! (with CNN flashpoll)

Hyperbole? Well, perhaps just a touch... but the way he owned the Republicans last night, and the way he touted the accomplishments of his administration, give me total confidence that he is our candidate, and he will be victorious over whatever 'person' the GQP decides to put forward!

Results of a CNN "flash-poll" after the speech were very positive.

Given the degree of 'polarization' of the country, I don't think we could have hoped for any better. The President's poll numbers increased most dramatically on various issues among independents-- and among those who had been most skeptical of President Biden, per CNN flash-poll results below.

It seems to me that one of the biggest problems has been, that most people are unaware of the legislative and economic accomplishments of the Biden administration... We need to do a better job of 'blowing our own horn'! We have the lowest unemployment numbers in 50 years! That is a major accomplishment that should be trumpeted by every Democratic candidate from the president all the way down to township trustees! The Republicans are never shy about bragging-- (and much of the time they are lying about their results, particularly during the former administration)--- but we have the numbers to prove it! This is DEMOCRATIC PROSPERITY!!!

The alternative, aptly illustrated by "our Republican friends" last night, is chaos, and lack of support for things that most Americans consider to be good and simple common sense...

Ok, on to the poll results:


The biggest movement came among those who were skeptical of Biden to begin with. Among those who said in the pre-speech survey that they disapproved of the way Biden is handling his presidency, just 7% said before the speech that they thought Bidenís proposed policies would move the country in the right direction, rising to 45% post-speech. And among political independents, the share saying Bidenís policies would move the country in the right direction rose from 40% pre-speech to 66% afterwards.

Overall, 66% who watched the address said that Bidenís policies would move the country in the right direction on the economy Ė thatís in comparison to 62% of speech-watchers who said the same about his economic policies following his speech last year, and 72% following Bidenís first presidential address to Congress in 2021. The share of viewers this year who felt Bidenís economic policies would mark a shift in the right direction rose 16 percentage points following his speech. That shift was also heavily concentrated among independents, who went from 38% saying his economic proposals would move things in the right direction pre-speech to 64% post-speech.

A two-thirds majority also said that Bidenís policies would move the country in the right direction on foreign affairs (67%) with somewhat more modest majorities saying the same of his policies on gun laws (63%), government spending (59%) and immigration (55%). The share of viewers who said Bidenís immigration policies would move the country in the right direction rose 14 points post-speech.

Read all:

I recall a theme from history, perhaps more than once, that "you don't switch horses in the middle of the stream"
(most notably from the Roosevelt re-election campaign of 1944).

If that is true, you most certainly do not attempt to switch horses in the middle of the stream,
when you are already riding the WINNING horse!!!

The vast majority of the American people are with us and Joe on the issues!

While many of the younger folks who support our party may wish for "a new flavor"--
(and when I was young, I often wished for "new flavors" also)--
there is NO potential candidate who could adequately replace
President "Fighting Joe" BIDEN at this moment in history!

I don't want to entertain any more "what-ifs" about 2024.
President Biden has said from the very beginning,
that he WOULD RUN for re-election, as long as he was able to do so.

Last night, off-script and under attack by extremists, he proved that he was VERY able!
He OWNED and HUMILIATED the far-right bastards, and forced them to physically "stand up" to protect Social Security and Medicare!
(two programs they have been plotting against for decades, almost 100 years ago Republicans opposed the creation of Social Security when they called it "SOCIALISM"...... ((yawn)) )

Yes, we will still have to "do the work"--
but President Joe Biden is the BEST candidate we could hope for, at this moment!

In 2020, he was also our best candidate, with experience and maturity and empathy!

But now, he is the candidate with RESULTS as well!



Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Thu Feb 9, 2023, 12:05 AM (15 replies)

"Airlines can't treat your children like a piece of baggage!"

Damn good line, by President "Fighting Joe" Biden!!!

(referencing airlines charging an extra $50 so that flying families can have seats together...)

All the Republicans remaining seated and refusing to applaud, for all these things that help working families--
it is not a good look....

LET'S GO 'BRANDON' 2024!!!!

and I am tired of all this 'if Joe does not run' bullshit---

He is running, and I am WITH JOE!!!

Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Tue Feb 7, 2023, 10:54 PM (1 replies)

DeSantis pushes gun bill which would make it easier to shoot him

(this is snark-- but my subject line is also completely accurate. Perhaps he has not thought this through to its logical conclusion?)

News Service of Florida
Published Dec. 16, 2022

Gov. Ron DeSantis said Friday he expects lawmakers during the 2023 regular legislative session to pass a major change in Florida gun laws.

The change would allow what supporters call ďconstitutional carry.Ē

Under current law, people who want to carry guns must get concealed-weapons licenses from the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Constitutional carry would allow people to carry guns without the licenses.

ďBasically, this was something that Iíve always supported,Ē DeSantis said. ďThe last two years, it was not necessarily a priority for the legislative leadership. But weíve been talking about it, and heís (Rennerís) pledged publicly thatís moving forward, and itíll be something that will be done in the regular session.Ē



Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Tue Feb 7, 2023, 09:44 PM (6 replies)
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