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DemocraticPatriot's Journal
DemocraticPatriot's Journal
February 20, 2024

The problem with the classic movie "The Manchurian Candidate",

is that they left out the part about the 'golden showers'....

February 19, 2024

HOW DARE BEYONCE, to invade their "safe white musical space"!!!

But once again, MAGAts defy logic!

As a 'hard rock purist' in the early 1980s, I mocked the pop-rock artists, whose music I considered to be "below the hard-rock standard"!

...Bands like the "GoGo's' who were clearly oriented towards commercial success, less than 'artistry', as well as all the rest of the 'pop music' of the time (but today I love those those girls-- even if I disparaged them at the time, now it is nostalgia)

Likewise I disparaged groups whom I thought had "softened their sound" in pursuit of commercial success---
STYX was a major target for that personal complaint.... (Mr. Roboto-- what the fuck was that??)

"SELL-OUTS!!" me and my friends called them!

(On a side note, in the 80s, I could never understand anyone who was a musical partisan of hard rock, or a partaker of marijuana,
voting for members of the Republican party--- but I digress)

But Never EVER would I have attacked a band for hardening their sound,
for attempting to JOIN the 'Hard Rock' Genre. Why would I do that??
It would have made no sense from my musical perspective...

So back to Beyonce.... Her foray into 'Country Music' could only broaden and strengthen 'Country' as a musical genre---
broadening its 'base'

They should welcome her! They should be thrilled!

Instead, those MAGAts who like country music represent it as a 'closed group',
where artists of color are "NOT WELCOME" !!!!


Yes, it is 'shocking' at first--- but not at all 'surpising' upon further reflection.....

February 13, 2024

President Joe Biden WILL be effectively NOMINATED on March 5th,

when over 2,000 delegates to the Democratic convention will be selected on 'super Tuesday' primaries.
(It requires somewhat less than 2,000 delegates to win the nomination).

The filing deadlines for 44 out of the 50 states have already passed....
so there is no time, and no possibility of any 'phantom savior candidate' arising and having any chance whatsoever
of denying the nomination of President "Fighting Joe" Biden!!

SO, I would like the "horse-race" but ignorant news correspondents
who are still fantasizing about any other possible outcome
to educate themselves about the current nomination process of the Democratic Party,

and then, just SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!--- your ignorant articles are not going to change that outcome!

Fifty or more years ago, filing deadlines for most states occurred much later,
and if you go back far enough (pre-1972), many states did not even have presidential primaries--
that was the era of the 'smoke-filled room' where party bigwigs, insiders, and perhaps caucuses,
appointed delegates to the party convention! That period is LONG OVER!
(Thanks to Sen. George McGovern, who led the effort to reform party rules after 1968).

Regardless of the bed-wetting and hand-wringing of such people,
NO POTENTIAL REPLACEMENT has been shown to out-poll President Biden
in the contest against the fascist-racist-rapist-Naziwannabe-obnoxious and shit-smelly GQP Orange Idol!!

And every such viable potential Democratic candidate has LONG AGO thrown their strength behind our President!

Barring any unforseen circumstances, we know now who the two main candidates will be---

The question is not about who is 'too old' or 'too crazy'--
(although the idolized GQP candidate is BOTH "TOO OLD AND TOO CRAZY!"---)

The two candidates will be

I presume everyone here can tell which is which.

February 12, 2024

I just saw T.K.'s Angel again,

and another MAGAt head has exploded!

February 6, 2024

'Why are President Biden's approval ratings so low?' And why my pants are not on fire about it

President Biden only won the 2020 election by about 3 percent...

so he starts out in approval polls with nearly 48 percent set to vote negative by reflex on his approval.
Even during the "honeymoon period", he only scored 56% approval.

Well, almost every Republican will vote negative in any such poll, whether they really believe that or not
(and almost every Republican will vote negatively just because President Joe Biden IS A DEMOCRAT...)

True independents may see some things not going as they would like, so many of them vote negatively.

What is really killing President Biden's approval ratings right now are the negative votes of "soft Democrats",
and the left side of the party (of which I am one, but I would not answer a general approval rating poll in the negative---
my only negative would be on the question of the Israeli Gaza war).

Presidential approval ratings don't mean what they used to--- that all those who 'disapprove' of your job performance are very likely to vote against you--- not when your opponent is a certifiable racist, monster, sexual predator and senile lunatic.

The economy continues to get better. Those who complain about "inflation" are actually complaining about inflation that already happened--- what they really mean is that "prices are still too high". Prices are not continuing to go up at a high rate, which is the actual definition of inflation.

What they ought to be complaining about is "capitalist corporate greed"----
Supply issues have eased, but corporations refuse to lower prices and are making record profits as a result---
and rents and housing costs are just too damned high.

Yeah, people complain about high prices ( "inflation" ), but they continue to spend at a high rate anyway...
High consumer spending does not help prices to ease.

That is certainly not the fault of President Biden, and he ought to put their greed into the cross-hairs of the "bully pulpit" more often than he is doing. Polling shows that this message has resonance, not just for the Democratic base, but for everyone....

The latest NBC poll shows President Biden 'doing worse than ever' and behind Trump by 5 percent nationally,
but the results of the top-rated Quinnipiac University poll from last week
showed results directly OPPOSITE those of the NBC poll, and President Biden with a national lead of 6 percent,
and the gender gap growing in favor of Democrats, and people starting to feel better about the economy!

As such, I'm not going to worry about the polls that one or the other of the networks want to promote---
they are getting to resemble "CLICK-BAIT" on the internet! Professional pollsters have the "know-how"
to pre-set their poll sampling to generate any 'result' they might want,
if they choose to operate that way.... (I don't claim that they are,
but the issue does seem to be in doubt).

People "vent" in polls, and many Democrats are "venting"--
(and almost ALL Republicans are venting, continuing to complain about Bidenomics
when most of them are doing better than ever!)

Yes, people VENT in polls, but they do not VOTE in them...
They can only VOTE in THE ELECTION, which will have actual consequences which they will begin to understand....

I think hardly anyone who voted against four more years of Trump,
are going to suddenly change their minds and vote for four more years of Trump, by the time the election comes around...

The biggest danger to President Biden's re-election is the 'spoiler effect' that third parties may siphon off anti-Trump votes--- and that some 2020 Biden voters could stay home--- not that these people will vote for Trump--- although they *might* do it in a poll, which doesn't count--- because they want to VENT because "not everything is perfect under President Biden"!!!

As President Biden likes to say,
'Don't compare me with the Almighty, compare me with the alternative'!

February 3, 2024

A Confederate general refused to surrender and fled to Mexico. Texas park named for him is the center of this standoff

A Confederate general refused to surrender and fled to Mexico. The Texas park named for him is the center of another standoff


Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, has become a staging ground for state forces, the epicenter of a standoff with the federal government and a stark symbol of dysfunction at the border.

But there’s another story about this park that’s far less well known than the recent legal battle over immigration enforcement in this border city.

The 47-acre park along the Rio Grande was named after a Confederate military leader who fled to Mexico in 1865 rather than surrendering to Union troops.

A Federal Emergency Management Agency case study describing the park notes that it was named for General Joseph Orville Shelby, known to some as the “undefeated rebel.”

read more: https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/01/us/shelby-park-texas-border-history-cec/index.html#:~:text=Joseph%20Orville%20Shelby%20was%20a,than%20surrendering%20to%20Union%20forces.

Interesting and ironic history.... Did Governor Abbott know about it??
My first guess is NO, although he knew enough to plagerize from Texas's secession document, he doesn't strike me as any kind of student of history...

My second guess on the whole matter is, they will be very happy to learn about this-- as it underlines their whole 'undefeated' narrative...

I am reminded of the John Wayne-Rock Hudson movie, "The Undefeated", which was based on the circumstance of a Confederate general refusing to surrender and moving his remaining troops to Mexico, obviously based upon this historical fact. The rest of the film was highly fictionalized, of course...

February 1, 2024

There Is No Overstating How Frightened White Loser MAGA Republicans Are Of Taylor Swift (Wonkette)


There Is No Overstating How Frightened White Loser MAGA Republicans Are Of Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is going to be the thing that pushes them over the edge. And we get to point and laugh at it.


::: snip:::

There’s a lot wrapped up in it, but the existence of Taylor Swift — and her boyfriend Travis Kelce, who pisses them off for a number of overlapping reasons — says something about their level of powerlessness in American culture, something they can’t bear to conceptualize. Swift is like a walking, breathing billionaire manifestation of the fact that they can pass all the fascist laws they want, elevate any strongmen who tickle their fancy, take away people’s very bodily autonomy — but they can’t force anybody to respect them. Or like them. Or want to fuck them. Or want to sit with them at lunch. Or simply not make fun of them on a daily basis.

These people have the world’s thirstiest desire to be the cool kids just once, and they want to matter to American culture, but we are never ever ever getting back together with them.

One more thing: The hysterics we’re witnessing, specifically regarding the voting? Haven’t celebrities influenced how people have voted before? Particularly young people? Sure. But we think Taylor Swift is too powerful and hits too close to their homes.

Remember how they used to fantasize that she was a secret Nazi like them? She wasn’t, and not only that, one gets the sense that white fascist MAGA Americans are desperately frightened that she might be the thing that makes their little angels escape from the MAGA lifestyle. We think white conservatives are shitting their pants because they’re literally scared their daughters are going to weigh the options, and having been exposed to Taylor Swift and the outside world she represents, they will realize MAGA people, including their own families, are fucking insane, and throw in their lot with the non-insane billionaire who’s actually rather normal, the one whose music gives them liiiiiiiiife, the one with the hot football boyfriend with sexual magnetism and vaccines shooting through his veins.


I love Wonkette-- they have a very snarky way with words!

January 24, 2024

Tom Petty's "American Girl"--- Did the Haley campaign have permission,

and PAY FOR the use of that song???

(I just heard the beginning of it at the end of the Haley speech....)
I trust that their campaign was not so stupid as to use it
without having paid for such use---

On the other hand, I have my doubts that the estate of Tom Petty
would have sold that use to them---
but that is their choice, Tom is dead, God Bless Him.....

Most of us should by now be well aware of how some political campaigns appropriate these rock songs for public use, without abiding by the legal requirements--- that is why I ask the question. I don't know the answer, I give it up to the researchers....


"Well, she was an American Girl.... raised on promises
She couldn't help thinking there was a little more life, somewhere else.."

January 24, 2024

"REMEMBER THE ALAMO!" Yeah, ok....

(referencing the current disagreement between Texas and the Federal Government about the border, which the 'Supreme Court' has decided in favor of the Federal Government's supremacy about the border....)

Well, the thing to 'remember' about the Alamo is, that every white defender of that post DIED---
President Santa Anna, dictator of Mexico at the time,
kicked their asses and KILLED THEM ALL....

(somehow that is a 'matter of pride' among Texans,
even though it makes no sense from a military standpoint....)

Now many of them want to secede from the Union again---
no doubt they could call up many 'texas militia' armed with AR-15s....

Not much against the advanced weapons of the US military---
stupid Texan cannon-fodder......

Regardless, personally I am quite uncertain that I would favor spending patriotic American blood to force them to stay in the Union....

I would favor spending government funds to evacuate all those in that state who remain loyal to the Union---

after that, I don't give a shit what happens to the rest of those deluded people....

January 24, 2024

Via the 1968 Dem primary precedent, Trump has LOST the NH Primary!!!

He is the de-facto incumbent of the Republican primary---
as such, he should have WON by a much larger percentage.....

His results are pathetic tonight, and he knows it!

Brace yourselves for a late-night 'Truth Social' angry barrage....

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