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Hometown: Kansas
Member since: Thu Feb 4, 2021, 12:01 PM
Number of posts: 76

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Last day of matching contributions! $ goes towards stopping Republican gerrymandering.

I have posted my match, in which we raised $665 for supporting democrats throughout redistricting in Texas! ($1330 after the match)

Thank you for all the support over the past couple of weeks! If you still want to give, I will match through midnight tonight!


I'm really excited about this coming decade for democrats, let's make sure they have the fair maps they need!

Just matched $665! I'll keep matching through Monday: hope everyone has a great weekend!

Receipt of my matching contribution is attached.

Thanks for the help in sending some $ down to Texas to support a redistricting non-profit and avoid a GOP gerrymander! Such an important issue that will shape D.C. for the next 11 years.

This article's headline pretty well sums up why I believe in funding support for this issue: "Most voters donít pay a lot of attention to the redrawing of political maps every 10 years. Thatís just the way legislators like it."

We had 18 donations that helped run my bill up to $665! . I'll keep matching until Monday evening.


Continuing to Match Fundraising in Texas to Combat GOP Gerrymandering ($35 short of $1000)!

The support has been so great! We've raised $465!


With the match that puts us at $930 (and as the title suggests, just $35 short of $1k).

I'll keep matching through the weekend, Texas has a had a huge population influx and I want to do what I can to protect their districts

We have raised $355 for anti-gerrymandering efforts in Texas ($710 with the match)!

Thank you all! I was planning on sending just a little money down to Texas for redistricting, but your support has fueled me to keep going! I'll continue matching up to $2000!

Texas is my current redistricting funding recipient because of the special session set to be called in September. Republicans control both chambers and the governors office. With the influx of population, I would hate to see districts drawn that fail to represent the dynamic and unique communities across the state. I think the legislative and judicial activists will have a real case in Texas, and I want to do what I can to help them!

Original post here and link to contribute below:


I'll be looking into NC redistricting next...let me know if you have any suggestions for recipients in NC!

Any help keeping this kicked is appreciated!

YOU raised $345 for fair Texas Redistricting on 5-13-21

As you can see I am doing my best Omaha Steve impression with the thread title!

Thank you for the support, that is $690 with the match. Original post here and link to contribute:


I'll keep my match for roughly another week, and may throw some support down to NC next (or any other states with pressing gerrymandering issues).

Any help keeping this kicked is appreciated!

I'm back! Matching Donations for Texas Redistricting (up to $2000)!

Hi all,

I hope everyone is having a lovely week! You may remember me as the fundraising guy in Kansas and I am back...in Texas!

After spending more time educating myself on the politics of redistricting I became very overwhelmed and concluded most legislative issues are best combated with grassroots volunteering; but redistricting is one of the rare instances I will gladly put my support behind attorneys, lobbyists, and organizers (and selected a non-profit accordingly).

Texas has 38 US House seats and nearly 200 state seats. All of these seats are being drawn in the midst of multiple Supreme Court rulings complicating the legal minimums that have to be met as well as which courts can rule on redistricting. In a booming state, with Republicans in control, I figure this is a great use of the money I set aside for progressive groups!

A simple google search of "Texas Redistricting" will quickly reveal Democrats need whatever help they can get for fighting GOP gerrymandering.


I know fundraisers can be annoying, as many readers are not in a position to give, but if you are able to kick & rec that helps too!

I will post a daily update with progress and will do two weeks or $2,000 whichever comes first, and as you can see from the link we already have a couple hundred dollars raised from a handful of friends (also DU members) who wanted to help me spark this goal. I will post my match every couple of days as well!

p.s. I have gotten some messages about this: as of now I am exclusively interested in fundraising for redistricting (due to the unique impact of 10 years of shaping the US House and State Legislatureís). I am tentatively looking at supporting here next. However, I will also consider other types of matching fundraisers post-redistricting!

The time has come!

T-2 hours until my last match is posted to fight Republican gerrymandering in my home state of Kansas. If you can chip in a couple bucks, I will match all contributions to a non-profit fighting the GOP's efforts to remove U.S. Rep Sharice Davids (D-Kansas City) out of her seat. These donations will help fight the planned gerrymander in the legislature and throughout the legal challenges in the courts! Money goes very far in Kansas, and it is believed that the seat can be saved with financial support:


Thanks again to Omaha Steve for helping out in coordinating this very important effort, in an often forgotten state!

I look forward to seeing you all throughout the forums and appreciate your support over the last month! If you can help keep this kicked for 2 more hours, it would be much appreciated!

Here is the GOP planning their gerrymander:


Final 24 Hours of $5000 Match for Fair Maps! Thank you DU!

Hello, I wanted to quickly remind everyone we are in the final 24 hours of donation matching for Fair Maps in Kansas.This effort is to save a US House seat from being gerrymandered away from Democrats. I have been posting my match at the open of Saturday Night Live, so I suppose it is technically the final 29 hours!


Regardless, I wanted to thank all of you so much for the support, and Omaha Steve for setting up and overseeing a donation page. I wanted to raise a few hundred bucks and we are well over $2,000 ($4,000) with the match.

I am becoming an amateur activist for anti-gerrymandering and have seen big problems in other states as well. The feedback has been so positive on DU, I may launch another matching donation effort in a state like Texas this summer, stay tuned!

Thanks again for being so welcoming and supportive!

Next match coming after opening scene of SNL!

Hi DU, I will be posting my next match towards Fair Redistricting in Kansas after the open of SNL (just a fun way to remind myself to post my match at the same time every week)!

Here is my original post, highlighting why this is an important issue both in Kansas and for national Democrats: [https://www.democraticunderground.com/100215054640|

Thanks again for all Omaha Steve has done to help me promote, here is the link OS made:


Note: I will only match for another couple weeks (unless, of course, we hit $5000). Redistricting is delayed nationwide because of census setbacks, so I may try to raise some $ again in the Fall!

Saturday Night Live predictions? + Big news coming after the SNL cold open!

I am very excited to see what new content SNL will be bringing tonight (11:33 ET, NBC). There are rumors Alec Baldwin will be back as Donald Trump for a post-impeachment opening. Interested in hearing what you think the opening scene might be?

In other news, Omaha Steve has been helping me raise funds to fight a disgusting gerrymandering effort in Kansas. I will be posting a full donation match at the conclusion of the SNL cold open (approx 11:45 ET). We have raised $1540 in the last week, but I will continue to match up to 5k! Join the cause before 11:45 ET, and I will double your donation!

Donate link:https://secure.actblue.com/donate/duforfairmaps

How this helps U.S. House Democrats: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100215091224
Why this is a passionate objective of mine: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100215054640
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