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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,450

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Will the Select Committee ever get to who planted those bombs on Jan 5???? nt

Listening to DeSantis it is obvious that the GOP cares about liberty and pursuit of happiness but

they care little about life. Only the life of a fetus that doesn't vote, doesn't pay taxes.

Nancy is playing the GOP like a BOSS!

Here is why...and you can try to convince me otherwise.

The vote today on infrastructure was in no small way a testament to Nancy's Jan 6 hearings and investigation. Even Mitch, who says he didn't watch the testimony of the four officers (we know he did, even if it was delayed) sees the handwriting on the wall. The hearings are going to buttress Biden's/Dem legislation work. The GOP has learned from their polling that the people like the programs that Biden is proposing. Coupled with the MAGA-GOP insurrection attempt, the GOP dare not obstruct too much or we won't have to worry about voter suppression as bad it now seems. The voters will nullify those suppression efforts in favor of supporting Dem governance. They have now had a taste of what true government governance can be like and they mostly like it. The only thing the GOP-MAGAs will be left with is their racism...and that will be enough for the 30% which is their base. In the meantime, the wave of the 66% will sweep over them and sweep many out of office.

Just like the MAGAs who want their vaccinations hidden from public view, many will do the same with their votes. They like being helped to survive.

Nancy has played it wisely and calmly, handling both her right flank and her left flank. The left flank will soon wise up and help get the rest of Biden's agenda through as soon as they understand that they will have a better chance to get what they want if they hold steady and get a few more Senators...just one or two will do.

Congress needs to pass a law immediately dealing with harsh penalties for domestic terrorism.

Define it, define its enforcement, define its penalties.

Can anyone tell me time when herd immunity wiped out a virus anywhere without vaccines? nt

About Osaka lighting the Olympic flame.

I woke up in the middle of the morning around 3 A.M. And like some crazy dream the thought raged in my brain: "Look at your family. Look good at your family. Things to come."
Now. O don't usually dream, or at least, I do not remember dreaming. But this was a special feeling different that I do not know really how to describe. Bear with me.

I did begin to think about my family...immediate and extended. What seemed to pass through my thoughts was an array of faces belonging to aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins and even their offspring. Here is the deal:

My parents and their siblings were all born and raised in Pennsylvania, mostly Philly and surrounding area. They were hard working African Americans (blacks) from generations of slaves and slave owners but officially identified as Negro, black or now African American and back to black.

I hadn't really given any thought to our racial or ethnic make up until just reading about Osaka lighting the Olympic flame.
Among us, my siblings and first cousins we number 59 children. NOT ONE SINGLE ONE OF OUR GRANDCHILDREN or their children are married to or partnered with a person, male or female, that is legally identified as BLACK ore AFRICAN AMERICAN. Their offspring are all married to or partnered with (and this includes our LBGTQ members) either Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Tiwanese) Hispanic. White, British, Swedish, Native American, Jamaican, Nigerian, Egyptian. So you can imagine what that next generational line will be. One thing remains, tho is that they ALL will be labeled as "black" by society...just like Obama is. And these are only the families of my siblings and first cousins. I am certain that the other branches of my family are similar.

Maybe we will be left with just family feuds instead of racism?? Any other families out there like mine? Personally I think it is a good thing and we have some hellava cute kids running around during our last family reunion in 2016.

Woke up this morning and realized that the battle lines are very, very clear.

It's not Dem vs Republican, or even MAGAs against the rest of us. It's


Did anyone else get numb toes that lasted for a long time after their vaxx?

My toes are still numb after 2 months.

Actually, the GOP ought to be shamed out of office. You can't find 10 decent people among them.

By now at least six should have renounced McCarthy but they are really all alike deep down in their black souls. I am really surprised that Romney, Collins, or Makowski haven't stepped up to take part in the Jan6 investigation. I thought they had just a tiny bit of decency but i was wrong again.
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