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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,450

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Media should stop asking if the Dems "can land the plane" and begin to ask is the GOP and

Sinema and Manchin will stop choking the pilot!

TAX the rich period!! 1% across the board for millionaires and billionaires for first 3 years! .05% for the next 3 years and .01% for final 4 years of the 10 years! Stop trying to give loop holes and close the ones that already exist. AND collect the money already owed by these people that's how Biden can pay for his plan.

IRS and even the state had no problem collecting the taxes I owed from a mistake on the tax filing before my spouse died from COVID. They sent letters and enforced a refund offset for the state which meant that my Fed tax refund did not come to me. For 2019, the Feds simply took the money from my bank account ($1355). As soon as my annuity hit the bank it was taken.

So what is the problem collecting taxes owed by millionaires?

Anyone else notice more produce from Canada in their super markets?

Nice, fresh too. Mexico, Canada, and Israel is what I see mostly at Whole Foods except for several fruits from Cali.

Does the US produce anything these days? I guess those socialistic US farmers stop working because they get too much subsidy from the Federal government? Hmmm... the really big welfare state.

It's not the "enthusiasm gap" for Dems that is the problem.

It's the "fear gap." Dems just are not "fearful" enough about what will happen if and when the GOP is once again in control of the House and Senate. They actually pretty much control the Senate now as the "minority." Think about it! Just what the fuck do we think will happen if we allow them to regain power in the Congress like the power they now have in state houses all over the country. Yet, every time a post appears to remind us of what we are facing, some troll or other will post a snarky, "Thank you for your concern" reply. We brush off the seriousness of "fear" as a motivator.

Just look at Jan 6 again. With the already destroying our democracy and any respect for the law that might be left, the future for most minorities and women in this country is in grave danger. People never thought they should "fear" Adolph and the power structure he built over several years. Yet it happened.

We simply are not in the streets as we once were and our voters, exhausted from COVID wars seem to be sluffing off voter oppression because few of our leaders are vigorously clamoring about it in our churches, synagogues, and mosques. We don't see signs around our schools about STOP voter suppression so that parents and their children at least have to register it in their minds. We only see signs about mask mandates and anti-vaccine messages. Most people I speak with want Trump in jail but just shrug it off and say, "You know none of them will ever go to jail."

I sure would like to see some Dem messages shouting to people about what they will lose if the GOP is able to continue to thwart Biden policies and enforcement of our regs and law. Right now I only hear that message from black commentators who speak for the communities they know from experience and history will suffer the most.

Mark my words, "enthusiasm" is the "activator" but "fear" is the greater "motivator."

Just hold the damn votes on Biden's agenda! If all fails let the voters decide in 2022 whom they

really want to govern them. I do believe that talk is cheap. Action is what counts. If you take action and someone stands in your way they are to blame. I live with the faint hope that most people want what is best for themselves and their country. Joe Biden has done all that he can to get people to get vaccinated, to get people to push his agenda through their contacts with their Senators and Representative. If they don't fight for what is right maybe they don't deserve what is right. i a so sick and tired of Manchin and his bullshit. Some say we can't move without him. Well we can't move with him either. More folks in W.VA are beginning to see the light and it ain't a burning coal!

The fact that Manchin and McConnell and Trump (and I put them in the same bag now) can prevent this nation from effective broadband recovery from a pandemic and the assault on our democracy is simply stunning and may prove that our kind of democracy actually doesn't work for average working men and women.

Is the real reason for Chicago police not taking the vaccine just a move against the Mayor whom

they don't like or because of who the Mayor is? I just wonder with the stats that show how many police lives have been lost to COVID if many actually have taken the vaccine but won't admit it?

Here is why we are so screwed...even all over the world. Most people with the most money are corrupt

and without any moral, humane, or social compass.

Just watched "Dope Sick" the docudrama about the Sackler family and the oxy plague that has taken so many lives.
Never are the wealthy guilty punished the way petty thieves are. And the beat goes on. Below is a link the NYT story about the lawsuits and settlement and the sleazy family behind the opioid epidemic and even some of the judges and law enforcement that played a role in protecting them.


Also wondering how many anti-vaxxers didn't mind taking oxy and are actually hooked on it and other drugs?

So, the MSM (CNN, MSNBC, and even FOX) keeps complaining about Biden's low polls and danger

lurking for Dems in upcoming elections. That may be but I smell a rat. They keep saying that unless Biden really does more to stop COVID AND pass his agenda soon, Dems will lose bigley in 2024.

Well if the handling of COVID is so important to the election, then the GOP should lose hands down for the poor job Trump did and the messages of "hoax" and "fake" stories about COVID early on. AND if Biden passing his agenda is so damn important according to FOX and the GOP voters should vote all the GOP out of office since they are the ones standing in the way of allowing Biden's agenda to pass.

The media is doing its 2016 two-step once again. I hate those MFx

I support Chuck Schumer in his speech to the Senate yesterday! Period! Unapologetically!

PERIOD!! It us tune for moderate Dems and fake patriotic GOP to get off their high horses and begin work for the people. No one criticized McConnell for boldly declaring his intention to obstruct Obama on every turn...not even moderate Dems called them out.
I am sick and tired of the media, the voters and legislatures publicly holding Dems to hypocritical double standards! Meanwhile, the GOP continues to collect dark money to continue to undermine this and other Democratic Presidents as the GOP and their buddies continue to rob the nation blind of justified tax revenues, continue to deny workers living wages, and continue to assault women on every level in every way possible.
If the ship is going down, I will go down with it but I want to go down fighting.

Fuck those who don't!!!
End of rant.

We don't hear 24/7 about the Pandora Papers, do we? I wonder why?

US is "off-shore" for many EU wealth hoarders. The single biggest cause of world-wide hunger and most other social maldies is the greed and corruption of the 5% at the top of and the evil they do by hoarding their wealth instead of helping their fellow countrymen and women.

So, I was so tired of watching and hearing the MSM bash Biden and anything Dem while praising

the GOP and how powerful and shred McConnel is i asked my granddaughter to name a good series to watch on TV.

She said, "Home Economics." So i started the series now I can't stop watching. I had never heard of it before but it is a welcome diversion. Anybody else??
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