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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,450

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We lose more and more creditability as the MSM keeps telling the world and us we don't deserve it.

It's a self-fulfilling mantra by the media. I never heard this about Vietnam...and they never blew up anything or anyone in the US. Isn't 20 years enough for 9/11 or was it really about more than 9/11?

How the hell do you deal with a CAT 4 hurricane in the midst of a Pandemic!!!

Best hopes and prayers for my family in NO. Haven't heard from them since Thursday night when they were on their way north.

I asking and would like even Dr. Fauci to respond if he is around.

Why can't there be a 'warp speed' effort to produce monoclonal antibodies as there was for producing the vaccines? It appears that the antibody treatment, if you can get it early enough, saves lives and mitigates symptoms.

Anyone here have the scientific answer to this question. Thanks.

Lawrence O'Donnell speaks for me. Period!

So where is Pakistan in all this Afghanistan turmoil??

China an Russia...sitting this out and then will swoop in when ittttts over. ???

As soon as we are out of Afghanistan and those who helped us too

we must have some kind of action to destroy all our weapons that are left behind including those in the hands of the Taliban and/or ISIS.

As soon as the airlift in Afghanistan is over...guess who will be taking the heat for too many

Afghans being in the USA? And the same GOP Senators and Reps criticizing Biden for not doing enough or not getting enough out will be the ones screaming the loudest.

So Biden and the Dems get blamed for the MAGA and GOP not wanting to get vaxxed and masked-uo?

All the media reports seem to suggest that Afghanistan is also playing a role in Biden's plummeting numbers.
Never mind that many of those Afghans clamoring to get out at the airport never even lifted a finger to help or support us. They just want to leave...and I bet quite a few of them will succeed.

What we are not doing for Haiti saddens me. nt

Why does the MSM seem not to be able to understand that everyone outside the Afghan airport is NOT

necessarily an Afghani who helped us or an American citizen? I for one, want to be sure that only the Afghanis who are either American citizens, Afghani translators and their families who helped us. As the President just told us there are many people outside the airport who do not fit into either category but simply Afghanis who want to leave. We cannot and should not try to evacuate an entire nation and resettle them all over the world including in the US. Hell, i didn't hear this much complaining from our MSM about Katrina evacuations except to blame the problems on the NO Mayor at that time.
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