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Jrose's Journal
Jrose's Journal
July 3, 2024

Biden: 'I'm not leaving. I'm in this race to the end'

On a campaign call on Wednesday, President Joe Biden said, “Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can, as simply and straightforward as I can: I am running … no one’s pushing me out,” according to Politico.

He added:I’m not leaving. I’m in this race to the end and we’re going to win.”

(Reported by Gustaf Kilander, The Independent,
3 July 2024)

July 3, 2024

Djt showed American viewers what a serial liar, racist and malevolent narcissist

he is at the 1st debate, when Biden was under the weather and not at his best.

Imagine how much worse Djt will appear when 'SOTU' Biden-at-his-best challenges him in September, 2024.

July 3, 2024

Decisions, decisions!

One pres. candidate loudly and clearly vows to wipe out every aspect of democracy....
The other stutters, coughs and speaks softly. while he steadily defends democracy.

July 3, 2024

The party of bad liars

'The GOP is no longer a political party in any sense that Americans could or should understand. It’s a Big Lie, wherein so-called “leaders” spend more time defending Trump’s lawless behavior—going so far as to show up at his New York trial to bemoan the fact that the justice system was working—than standing up for their constituents or backing programs that deal with the very real challenges of the 21st century. Republicans aren’t even trying anymore. They’re just phoning in their apologies for Trump.

The good news is that they are such bad liars that the truth might just prevail in November.'

(John Nichols of The Nation)

July 2, 2024

That's the spirit, Gretchen Whitmer!

"I'm fired up and ready to fight like hell to elect @JoeBiden and Democrats up and down the ticket this November. Are you with me?"

(Reported by Oliver O'Connell, The Independent, 2 July 2024)

July 2, 2024

One person I know who was avidly Maga in 2019 has evolved so much

since then, after watching Biden debate djt in 2020; after seeing Biden speak at State of the Union address; after hearing Biden's staunch defense of abortion rights, gun control legislation and human rights....
...he did watch the 6.27.24 debate, and although he was unhappy that Biden was so hoarse and didn't sound as assertive as he often does, the person concluded that Djt just kept lying, avoided answering questions, made hateful slurs and insulted Biden. .
He added that Biden, regardless of his condition (and likely use of otc med to relieve symptoms) did answer questions, did cite his accomplishments, did deny as many of djt's lies as he had time for.
That person now says that he would absolutely vote for Biden vs. djt in 2024 regardless of how he appeared during the 1.5 hour tv unreality show.

There must be many more people like him who've changed and grown to appreciate and admire Biden for his successful presidency. It's absurd to now try to convince them to give up on voting for Biden just because of an awkward hour!

July 1, 2024

deleted by poster

July 1, 2024

The Biden campaign should broadcast widely and post online...

videos of the back-and-forth questioning and non-answering between the 'moderators' and Djt in one panel during the 6/27 'debate'.
Highlight the times Djt avoided answering, changed the subject, lied about Biden's policies and blurted racist phrases such as immigrants taking 'Black jobs', Biden being 'Palestinian' and untruths, i.e. 'Democrats want to murder babies after birth'.
On a side panel, have comments correcting each lie and underlining his derogatory slurs.
By isolating the segment of the debate that follows Djt's performance, the continuous lying and evasion of responses would be very clear.

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