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Jrose's Journal
Jrose's Journal
June 29, 2024

Mark Cuban's scathing review of djT at the June 27 'debate':

“There is no way you could listen to Donald last night and come away feeling confident that Trump has the ability to go deeper than his practiced sound bites. He repeated himself often and never directly answered the moderator’s questions,” Cuban said. “There was nothing that would give anyone confidence he could hold his own in any complicated situation. Or that he could intellectually go toe to toe with any world leader or adversary.

“In fact, his non answers about J6 and election acceptance should scare every American about his interest in upholding his oath to the constitution.”

Cuban made it clear that he would still be voting for Biden

(Reported by Kevin Harrish, Next Impulse Sports)

June 27, 2024

Mary Trump to join Biden campaign in debate 'spin room'..

"I’m in Atlanta tonight to remind everyone who Donald is as a person and how he would rule as a president because the stakes are far too high for us to get this wrong: We cannot afford to allow Donald Trump anywhere near the levers of power again.
Donald cannot be trusted and we must recognize that his last administration was simply a warm-up for much worse to come just as January 6th was a dress rehearsal for a man who will stop at nothing to ascend, once again, to this country’s highest office. He is desperate for power and has shown himself both unworthy of wielding it and obsessed with regaining it purely for his own benefit. He must be stopped."--Mary Trump

(Reported by Lauren Gambino - The Guardian)

June 27, 2024

In a photo of Djt boarding his plane to Atlanta on 1st debate day 2024..

he's a hunched-over shadow of himself, dragging his feet.

A very stark contrast to photos of him in 2015, beaming, chest puffed up, gliding down the golden escalator.


June 27, 2024

At the debate, I trust Biden will speak clearly and assertively about issues

When djt starts erupting with bile and bull, Biden shouldn't throw water back on his opponent's fire. Let djt self destruct, foam at the mouth and show Americans what a rabid dog he is.

June 27, 2024

Djt and Biden will only be about 8 feet apart at the debate

Are there any rules preventing Djt from walking towards or hovering menacingly over Biden or reaching over to Biden's microphone to shout during his non-speaking times?
Or surreptitiously dropping something into Biden's water glass?
I hope Secret Service people are near enough to restrain that vile oaf.

June 25, 2024

How maga-publican USSC judges prepare for their workday in court:

1. Put on their robes
2. Set their calendars back to the year 1700.
3. Put on their Maga tinted glasses.

June 24, 2024

The Maga-publican platform is "whatever Trump is rambling about at this moment."

"Trump is an incoherent mess who is more interested in airing grievances than putting forth a focused, popular agenda
Seriously, what the hell is Trump running on? Are Republicans actually going to bother having a party platform this time, or will they punt like they did in 2020? Because as of now, the Republican platform is “whatever Trump is rambling about at this moment.”

There’s a reason that Biden is eager to get Trump to debate this week: He knows that Trump can’t string together two coherent sentences to save his life. And while Trump’s endless list of grievances might motivate some of his supporters, he needs to expand beyond his core base."
(by Kos,
Daily Kos Staff)

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