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Le Gaucher

(1,547 posts)
Mon Aug 27, 2018, 09:08 AM Aug 2018

What will be the best way to bury trump when he dies? [View all]

22 votes, 4 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Sea Burial .. Next to Bin Laden
5 (23%)
Cremate him and spread his ashes over Moscow
2 (9%)
Throw his body into Siberia
1 (5%)
Feed him to rabid dogs
3 (14%)
Shoot him off on "Space Force One" towards darkest part of known universe
4 (18%)
Make burgers and feed it to his base 'Fried Green Tomatoes" style.
2 (9%)
Your own ingenious idea to dispose the hideous toxic dump
5 (23%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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On a burning stake like all witches of course!! boston bean Aug 2018 #1
I chose "pass". My option would be to dump him into a swamp. He'd be right at home with the slime. tonyt53 Aug 2018 #2
I was thinking let him hang from the treason gallows till the buzzards finish him. hvn_nbr_2 Aug 2018 #75
Drop his fat ass in a septic tank. Glamrock Aug 2018 #3
Burial + Camouflage ! Not bad Le Gaucher Aug 2018 #7
I'm thinking of more creative ways... mitch96 Aug 2018 #61
Old fashioned outhouse exboyfil Aug 2018 #29
Another vote for the cesspool. (eom) Loge23 Aug 2018 #35
I chose pass YessirAtsaFact Aug 2018 #4
I actually have a fantasy mnhtnbb Aug 2018 #5
Good point. I understand your (potentially) legitmate fears of "agent Mike" mysteryowl Aug 2018 #96
Launch him into orbit in a Tesla Roadster VMA131Marine Aug 2018 #6
...... trusty elf Aug 2018 #18
That's right, send his butt right back to the lizardpeople of Uglius 7.... postage due Afromania Aug 2018 #33
Wow! lagomorph777 Aug 2018 #79
No, the universe is so beautiful Butterflylady Aug 2018 #20
A potters grave RhodeIslandOne Aug 2018 #8
He can 'rest in piss' Le Gaucher Aug 2018 #13
LOL - Wonderful. Totally Tunsie Aug 2018 #28
Photograph of tRump from 2017 while he was growing up Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2018 #32
Like Nixon imagined by B Kliban Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2018 #30
I don't thin that even his ashes 2naSalit Aug 2018 #9
I too chose pass and the scenario that he committed suicide after being indicted for treason. lark Aug 2018 #10
manure and piss is what he deserves dustyscamp Aug 2018 #11
What!! Cremation and flushing down the Golden Trump Tower toilet wasn't an option?? Docreed2003 Aug 2018 #12
Full Septic tank or Doggie Dooley hopeforchange2008 Aug 2018 #14
Flush his ashes down his golden throne NRaleighLiberal Aug 2018 #15
Cats. Squinch Aug 2018 #16
He should go out in that classy Hitler style. dubyadiprecession Aug 2018 #17
Put his body on display next to Lenin in Moscow. Kablooie Aug 2018 #19
I expect him to demand he is buried in Arlington or that the fed gov't.... Thomas Hurt Aug 2018 #21
Damn - and he IS eligible only by virtue of being president. Totally Tunsie Aug 2018 #36
Yup zipplewrath Aug 2018 #49
Throw him in the cesspool/septic tank pecosbob Aug 2018 #22
I want him to be buried somewhere I can get close enough to take a piss on it. Neema Aug 2018 #23
Drop him where ever they dropped Bin Laden panader0 Aug 2018 #24
Dispose of him in the Everglades. lpbk2713 Aug 2018 #25
Like nuclear waste. The Velveteen Ocelot Aug 2018 #26
Can you imagine the funeral and burial he would arrange for himself? redstatebluegirl Aug 2018 #27
Am going with Jerry Reeds' idea.... GemDigger Aug 2018 #31
quicklime in an unmarked location shanny Aug 2018 #34
Or how about Hydro Flouric Acid .. Ala Breaking Bad.... Krazy8 will meet on the Other side. Le Gaucher Aug 2018 #39
Anyone remember the end of Gladiator? Bleacher Creature Aug 2018 #37
Perfect Analogy.. Hope someone makes a Photoshop outta that! Le Gaucher Aug 2018 #40
Build a dance hall over his grave. Pope George Ringo II Aug 2018 #38
Drop him in a North Korean rice paddy from a plane named "The Lethe". populistdriven Aug 2018 #41
Face down with rupert murdoch on top of him. BSdetect Aug 2018 #42
Lol ..would serve both of them right .. Maybe add Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to the pile Le Gaucher Aug 2018 #44
Soylent Green factory? Ferrets are Cool Aug 2018 #43
THIS n/t jayschool2013 Aug 2018 #76
Bury him before he dies! Dread Pirate Roberts Aug 2018 #45
After impaling his corpse with multiple wooden stakes... alterfurz Aug 2018 #46
Sealed lead casket encased in 30' of concrete... Dave Starsky Aug 2018 #47
I was going to say "other" - sea burial next to bin laden, but you thought of that first! nt Lucky Luciano Aug 2018 #48
Swiftly and silently N/T flotsam Aug 2018 #50
Up in the high cacti of Arizona for the buzzards. no_hypocrisy Aug 2018 #51
With a stake through his heart. NT redwitch Aug 2018 #52
But then the head vampire is still alive! Initech Aug 2018 #66
Yucca Mountain nt Flaleftist Aug 2018 #53
Is there a toilet big enough to flush him down? n/t QC Aug 2018 #54
Given his penchant for increasing and not draining the swamp, feed him to some alligators. LonePirate Aug 2018 #55
Nuclear Waste dump, of course. hlthe2b Aug 2018 #56
That's what I was going to say Revanchist Aug 2018 #93
I say shoot him into space so he is no longer contaminating Doreen Aug 2018 #57
That was my intent too ..also I didnt want him defiling our life giving sun Le Gaucher Aug 2018 #60
Cremate him so ivanka can keep him within reach of her bed...side. Tikki Aug 2018 #58
Feed his bloated carcass to a starving polar bear. Kaleva Aug 2018 #59
Under a massive spitoon with a hole in the bottom. kysrsoze Aug 2018 #62
Launch him into space John Fante Aug 2018 #63
We will have send a pack of anerobic bacteria as well .. Le Gaucher Aug 2018 #91
I would let his dead body rot somewhere wasupaloopa Aug 2018 #64
How is that different from what he is doing now? Le Gaucher Aug 2018 #68
Not much wasupaloopa Aug 2018 #88
Space force! Space force! Initech Aug 2018 #65
Whatever happens to his shriveled corpse one thing is sure JPK Aug 2018 #67
Dig a hole, toss him in it, and build an outhouse over it. GoCubsGo Aug 2018 #69
You might get infected. LiberalFighter Aug 2018 #72
CDC Infectious Disease LiberalFighter Aug 2018 #70
Chernobly LiberalFighter Aug 2018 #71
Prop him up at his dining room table in tRump tower ornotna Aug 2018 #73
Quietly, without ceremony. RichardRay Aug 2018 #74
The correct answer is... Major Nikon Aug 2018 #77
Thanks for including my choice - "Bin Laden style". lagomorph777 Aug 2018 #78
Very special episode of Shark Week meadowlander Aug 2018 #80
Fargo method central scrutinizer Aug 2018 #81
Compressed into a diamond in honor of one of my dad's favorite expressions bigbrother05 Aug 2018 #82
He is so crooked they will have to screw him into leftyladyfrommo Aug 2018 #83
Yup A HERETIC I AM Aug 2018 #84
Dumped in a NJ swamp, traditional mobster style. nt eppur_se_muova Aug 2018 #85
Private burial, no pomp and circumstance, phylny Aug 2018 #86
I would like to memorialize him with a statue in the Rose Garden. bluedigger Aug 2018 #87
Close enough to me that I can conveniently piss on his grave. (nt) Paladin Aug 2018 #89
Wherever Hoffa is buried, never to be seen or heard about again. Totally Tunsie Aug 2018 #90
i like what this tweet suggests: MariaCSR Aug 2018 #92
Let pussies grab his body crazycatlady Aug 2018 #94
I like how the Tibetian Monks had to do it mysteryowl Aug 2018 #95
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