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13. Those of us who have been victimized
Tue Oct 2, 2018, 11:16 PM
Oct 2018

Do our best to overcome our feeling of shame and fear and try not to think about it because it is horrible to remember how you felt.

Then something like this happens and it all comes back with a vengeance. We feel the shame, the psychological and psychic pain wash over us and we are helpless and in panicked terror and can’t control it.

If you get a chance tell these people that they aren’t alone and that if they seek out people or groups they can talk to they will heal. You really cannot heal until you deal directly with it and on purpose and the best way to do that is talk about it in a safe environment and to listen to others’ stories.

I think it has kicked us all MuseRider Oct 2018 #1
Yes. it has been overwhelming for many of us. SharonAnn Oct 2018 #17
I am very angry blue cat Oct 2018 #2
Give your student the benefit of the doubt. DemocracyMouse Oct 2018 #3
My son's psychiatrist broached the subject with me, but we Ilsa Oct 2018 #4
I've been extremely triggered by the things talking heads and our President are saying... moriah Oct 2018 #5
I actually did forward the student such info, after a brief discussion with several women on campus struggle4progress Oct 2018 #33
Yup. Not just students. Ms. Toad Oct 2018 #6
I think we had a collective nervous breakdown. WhiteTara Oct 2018 #7
we are handmade34 Oct 2018 #11
I think bdamomma Oct 2018 #12
I was with a group of women tonight WhiteTara Oct 2018 #15
I'm a man and waking up in the night in terror. lagomorph777 Oct 2018 #25
This is a very difficult time. WhiteTara Oct 2018 #29
also... handmade34 Oct 2018 #31
Oh, brilliant! My next move WhiteTara Oct 2018 #32
I do too, luvtheGWN Oct 2018 #20
My friend, a therapist, likened this to having an unsafe parent lapislzi Oct 2018 #30
The student actually described her feelings in similar language struggle4progress Oct 2018 #34
You're describing my father. byronius Oct 2018 #36
Can you give Incomplete grades? Blue_true Oct 2018 #8
I bet student requests to speak with a psychologist Lars39 Oct 2018 #9
Most campuses have a rape crisis center FakeNoose Oct 2018 #10
Those of us who have been victimized lunatica Oct 2018 #13
Wow! I'm glad you told us of this ProudLib72 Oct 2018 #14
The things he says and does... I know we should all be immune by now ecstatic Oct 2018 #16
They are normalizing abuse IronLionZion Oct 2018 #18
Teachers are paramount. mahannah Oct 2018 #19
For whatever it is worth, Stonepounder Oct 2018 #21
my feelings exactly Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2018 #22
I want to thank folk in this thread for many useful suggestions struggle4progress Oct 2018 #23
Seems like a perfectly valid reason do drop. MineralMan Oct 2018 #24
Acknowledge email and maybe offer assistance you know of through the school . Some schools have lunasun Oct 2018 #26
What do you teach? panader0 Oct 2018 #27
Various mathematical topics struggle4progress Oct 2018 #35
I'm pissed off and embarrassed that this POS is being fast tracked to the Supreme Court. Initech Oct 2018 #28
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